LADDER-TRAVELERSo you can call this simple sports equipment, because you can use it in the apartment and in the yard. The staircase going from 3-10 sticks Ø 30 mm and a length of 370 mm, better round, and strong rope Ø 6-8 mm and a length of about 4 m.
The rope is folded in half, threaded through a hole in the stick and tied under her node so that the distance between the steps was 220 mm.
Sealing ring.
Options sealing rings.
Mount the stick with a knot.
Mount the stick with a knot.
Kids like to climb on a ladder. At home it can be hung in the doorway.
Scheme of stairs.
Diagram of stairs:
1 — hanging ring, 2 — rope, 3 — pole-step, 4 — nodes.
According to the magazine “Practices” of the GDR

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