... IN A DRAWERIn many homes the old layout with small square kitchen, one common problem: how best to use this humble stock of square metres? Many find the solution to this difficult problem in the manufacture of compact, convertible furniture, allowing one to combine several functions.

Offer description self-made, very practical, retractable kitchen table. It is indispensable where it is hardly possible to put a regular. This structurally embedded in the compartment of the drawer of the sideboard or desktop tables. Moreover, it will require a minimum of parts: two U-shaped guide profile and one reference T-shaped, two piano hinges and three panels (e.g., particleboard) for the countertop.
To get the most useful surface of the table, it is made of three parts connected by hinges. Guides dural profiles are fastened on the inner walls of the cutting table at a slight, barely noticeable angle inside the table and serve to move him but most bar countertops.
Fig. 1. Combined extendable folding table built into the credenza.
Fig. 1. Combined extendable folding table built-in cupboard.
Figure 2. The same table in the box cutting tables
Figure 2. The same table in the cutting drawer pedestals:
1 — table top cabinets, 2 — loop, 3 — bearing profile, 4 — lid, 5 — guide profile, 6 — panel foldout; A, B — phase pickup.

Two folding part of the table pivoted rely on dural profile, which is mounted on a larger panel so that it could nominate for 2/3 length under both folding fold.
Preparing the details table can be mounted. The pictures illustrate how to put forward and lay the cover; they are removed in reverse order. As seats use a small stool; they can also be collapsible, wall.

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