WITHOUT HAMMER AND DOLLYIn the practice of homebrew somehow less common device is a bending machine. I don’t think this is due to the rarity can be accomplished with it operations, rather — the lack of information about how to do it. For example, I haven’t seen in magazines or technical literature his descriptions. But this simple tool is very useful: it allows even unskilled wizard efficiently curving blanks from sheet material. This ensures the absence of deformation at the bent portion of the sheet, making it impossible to achieve using the traditional mallet and mandrel. Experienced in the production of our NII bending machine proved to be indispensable in the manufacture of chassis of radio equipment, various housings, casings and connection sheets in the fold.

In the presence of welding to fabricate this device is not too difficult. It is only necessary to have segments of channels and corners with straight edges.
The bending machine consists of base, clamp and crimp the plug with the handle lever. The base is made of cut steel channel No. 6,5 (No. 8) length up to 500 mm. the Clamp and punch are made shorter than him by about 5 mm. Pressure from channel number 5. Strictly along the axis of the profile drilled two holes 8.5 mm diameter at a distance of 30 mm from the ends. Crimping punch is made from area No. 5, it is desirable to choose a profile with a thicker wall. The handle lever is curved in the form of clamps of rods of reinforcing steel with a minimum diameter of 15 mm and welded to the corner. From scraps of sheet steel with a thickness of 5 mm are produced cheeks.
At the ends of workpieces of the punch and base along the edge of the removable chamfer 7×45° length of 30 mm under the weld to the punch axis of a steel rod with a diameter of 10 mm. the welding is performed so that the native axis of the rod coincides with the edge of the area. At the ends of the working edge of the clamp also make the appropriate selection.
For pre-Assembly base and a punch clamped in a vise so that the wall of the channel and a work shelf area-the punch was in the same plane, and the gap between them was about 1 mm (it is not hard to achieved by placing a cardboard strip). On the axis of the punch to put on the cheeks and primatyvajutsja to the base in several places with a welding or drawn toward the ends of the pin with nuts.
The basic elements of the bending machine
The main elements of the bending machine:
1 — cheek (2 PCs), 2 — base, 3 — clamp, 4 clamping bolts (2 PCs), 5 — a flexible sheet, 6 — knob-lever, 7 — crimp tool 8 — axle (2 pieces).
Bending machine in the working position (the grip n front cheek conventionally not shown)
Bending machine in working position (grip n front cheek conventionally not shown):
1 — base 2 — back cheek, 3 —bent sheet, 4 — clamp, 5 — clamp bolt, 6 — crimp tool 7 — pen-arm, 8 — axis, 9 — channel for mounting in a vise. A — clamp corners.

For trial on flexible working surface is placed a sheet of soft metal about 1 mm thick and is pressed from above by the clamp, temporarily attached to the base with clamps or studs with lining. After the test the position of the cheeks relative to the base corrected if necessary, and then they finally are welded to the ends of the base.
Then, using the hole in the clamp as a jig, drill in the base holes 8.5 mm diameter, cut them in a M10 threaded hole and screw the securing bolts that wrapped around and then welded to the base of the nut. Then the bolts vivenciada and inserted into the pre-reamed to a diameter of 10.5 mm hole clamp, bottom they are tightened and fixed by welding other nuts — constraints for lift clamp when releasing the clamping bolts. Instead of nuts you can use a cylindrical spring of an appropriate size. For convenience, the head bolts better to provide a knob or “lambs”.
Is attached to the bending machine in a bench vise with welded to the base of the cut channel.
If necessary, bending leaf angle more than 90° clamp is replaced by welded from two corners — it is more rigid. For clamping bolts in it drilled holes, as mentioned above. The plane of the clamp is milled or carefully filing it with a file.

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