AIR INSTEAD OF CHIPBOARDWho said that the furniture in the nursery, or, indeed, in the room of a teenager must be the same as half of adult? A cottage or summer house in the garden?
Yugoslav journal “ABC technique” offers several unusual designs that may appeal to many as its uniqueness and simplicity and accessibility for self-production. They are all using the inflatable elements.
Autocamera, covered with cloth.
Autokamera, covered with cloth.
Balloons are Packed in plastic cases, United by adhesive tape and inserted into a cardboard frame of the container box.
Balloons, stacked in plastic cases, United by adhesive tape and inserted into a cardboard frame of the container box.
Not a saw, and a needle and you’ll have to use to make any object of this furniture set. Add immediately and pump. At least the fact that we pumped a soccer ball or inner tube. Still need a piece of drapery or upholstery and sturdy twine. The basis of all these chairs, sofas and even the table lie a few older, even in patches, or motorolleri automotive (and motorcycle) cameras. Armed with such source material, you can begin to assemble unusual — inflatable furniture.
What they can build? First of all “soft chairs”. How?
Depending on the desired height of items pumped by a corresponding number of chambers and stacked them on one another. Wrap the column with a piece of cloth so that at the junction of its edges formed a seam overlap. So we define the required length of the piece. And its width shall exceed the height of the column about two camera.
Folded long edge of the fabric so that it was possible to miss inside the twine and then sew the overlap of the other two edges: the resulting pipe, the ends of which, like the backpack, will shrink podernuta cord.
Now put a fabric tube composed of chambers stacked and tightly tightening the string top and bottom — it is a kind of Ottoman. To give the structure greater stability and rigidity, “podpolanie” it cuts the same twine or thick rope for decorative purposes can be pre-painted in any color. All the easy chair ready.
Chair-dutyi their manufacture.
Chair-dutys and their production:
A — preparatory phase: 1 — upholstery fabric, 2 — chamber, 3 — pump, 4 — column camera, 5 — measuring column fabric; B — camera wrapping cloth: 1 — the tightening neck 2 — “podpolanie” twine, 3 — ready chair; — the transformation of the chair to the table; G — obtaining hard countertops; D — contraction of the camera to give the oval shape; an E — folding camera in half — getting a back or armrest; W — preparation of the cameras for getting of the sofa framework General case.
This design allows many options: with additional chambers, respectively pulled or folded, it is easy to obtain more comfortable varieties — for example, with soft backrest, with armrests. Pulling together the elements of the column inside, you can change its form — for example, to make the seat is not round but oval. Making a few of these blanks and obcanov them with a single piece of cloth, get a kind of sofa.
Exactly the same techniques made the table. Only here even before tightening the bottom string sewn on top of fabric circle. To receive a hard top, overlay on top (or placed under the fabric round) sheet of plywood, hardboard, plastic.
From the container and balls
They are not so fragile — balloons, a favorite pastime of kids. If you only half inflate them, they stoically withstand a strong pressure.
Here are the balls and will be the basis for almost instant production of other unusual chair. It still will need a large cardboard box (for example, Tara from the TV) and plastic bags used for storage of outerwear or the like.
Boxes are folded from the front wall and the side incised diagonally and folded back to the inside is formed sufficiently rigid housing of the future chair. Now make him a soft pillow. To do this, fill plastic bags with balloons, putting them in a single layer. The free ends of the film-the case of bends and we catch them with sticky tape. It also received a fastened cushion between them, “molding” the seat and backrest.
Despite the apparent unreliability of the source materials, the chair is produced strong enough. If desired, you can drape a cover of motley or bright colored fabrics.

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