FROM THREE SIDESAnyone who has had to work with a shovel, knows how hard it is to dig the ground, overgrown with grass, covered with a dense layer of turf or “reinforced” by the roots of trees and shrubs. Even if the soil is relatively soft, flip kom turf will be down, just pull up on all sides. I decided to improve my shovel, equip a bayonet by a pair of side knives. And the work went faster! Because each course of this spade cuts the ground “brick” from three sides. For the manufacture of knives used steel triangular plate with a thickness of 2-3 mm. After sharpening their beveled faces of the bent area and riveted to the bayonet. To whom do not get stuck between them, installed them not perpendicular to the plane of the shovel, and with a small, 10-15°, collapse.

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