PAINTING During repair work the goats are not always required, so many people prefer to do without them, making a pyramid of chairs, stools and table.
At the same time, there are various choices of wheels that do not clutter the room when not necessary, because can come in compact packages.
The most suitable material for the manufacture of trestle-type “matryoshka” spruce boards: they are easily treatable, and last a long time. The main detail of the design strip cross-section 25X75 mm with the exception of the spacer plates, the cross section of which 25X70 mm.
First, cut five strips of length 580 mm; of these are the upper horizontal crossbar and four legs. The ends must be cut from the inner sides at an angle of 25° relative to the surface of the strap; the other end is also cut, but it’s relative to a perpendicular to this bar. The work should be done very carefully, as it affects the stability of the goat and the same divergence of the legs, which is important for folding.
The trestle-
The trestle-“matryoshka”:
1 — top crossbar 2 — leg 3 — cross strut, 4 — side spacer 5 — lug spacer under the side spacer.
When all the blanks are ready, nailed the legs to the upper binder bar, then at the height of 200 mm fasten the side braces as shown in the figure. The latter will pristique cross struts, also beat their nails to the legs.
According to the magazine “Earmaster”, Hungary

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