ANTENNA-FRAMEit Happens that during reception of radio broadcasts in the FM and VHF range are “fading” in the form of a deep suppression of the signal under the influence of a variety of reasons. However, undoubted leadership here is negative “Elektromashina” influence of surrounding objects and person in the immediate vicinity of the receiver, the directivity pattern or beam whip antenna.


Substantially reduce the effect of bring the tanks to a reception quality of the transmission (if not to get rid of “fading”) helps to replace the above-mentioned antennas “frame” — wire loop, one end of which is connected with the pin antenna input and the other to a common bus printed circuit Board (“land” with the withdrawal of any nest) or non-upholstered metal plates FM (VHF) radios.
connecting loop antenna
connecting a loop antenna:
1 receiver FM broadcasts and VHF; 2 — pin antenna; 3 — antenna (any wire with a length of about two meters, curved in the shape of a frame-loop); 4—”land” or the output of the shared bus receiver; 5 — a grounding plate (sheet metal or plastic foil)

The latter is able to replace and special earthing plate is cut, for example, of a metal sheet or foil of plastic and mounted under the receiver so to have a reliable electrical contact with the “ground” of the receiver.

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