AND AERO, AND HYDROGLISERAND AERO, AND HYDROGLISERModelers in different fields continue to explore for new areas of application plastic bottles from under carbonated drinks. On some designs that use these lightweight and durable containers that have been highlighted in the pages of “M-K”. Our today’s publication — about two boat with hulls of these vessels: rezinomotornaya-boats-catamarans. On one of them as a mover used the propeller, and the other air.

Such a model is useful in ship modeling circle or with friends. The fact that such boats having virtually the same body-the monotypes, is perfectly suited for competitions of speed, accuracy is the gate to the range.
Airboats are almost identical in design — except that the variant with the propeller much already aerolizer.
It is a catamaran: two hulls, each of which is assembled from a pair of half – or two-liter bottles. To dock them, only need a bolt with thread M5 nut, two steel washers and one rubber. When connecting two bottles of bottom protrusions of one container fall into the depression of another. This docked pair in a single case it turns out very hard and in addition ensures an absolutely accurate alignment of cylindrical vessels.
Rezinomotornaya planing catamaran with propeller
Rezinomotornaya planing catamaran with the propeller:
1 — rear crossmember; 2 — propeller shaft; 3 — steering, right-feather; 4— rubber motor; 5 — rear of the case, 6 — “light”; 7 — front housing; 8—hook front rubber motor; 9 — front crossmember; 10 — a bracket of deadwood; 11 — M4 screw with nut; 12 — the left steering pen; 13 — propeller; 14 — nut of the valve; 15 — washer; 16 — the valve from Velocimetry; 17 — plug; 18 — a bolt M5 nut; 19 — rubber washer; 20 — steel washers

For such a dock will also need a screwdriver with a long rod and a long Allen key. To make a screwdriver — no problem. And key will have to find a suitable steel pipe with an inner diameter of about 1.1 S, where S is the size of the key. The hexagon can be tformat in the tube using the same nuts — you only need a hammer to hammer it into the phone, then headed hammer, tap the blank along the edges to get the key and knock the nut-punch.
To bring in bottles of bolt, nut and washers, they should be “glued” to the tools of conventional clay. Rubber washer is installed in the Assembly between the bottoms of the receptacles, it will provide integrity of the buildings.
The thus prepared housings are joined into a single catamaran with two tubes screwed to the cross members, cut from birch boards with a thickness of 15 mm. In the tubes of the front bottles, it is expedient to consolidate not just the bolts, and valves Cycling of the cameras. With their help the body is not only connected with the crossbars, but can be inflated velencoso to create a positive pressure inside — this will increase their stiffness.
In front of each of the buildings, it is desirable to secure the likeness of a lantern racer — make it from a suitable plastic vessel such as a shampoo or detergent. Mount the “light” to the body using narrow strips of duct tape. Only need to apply a layer of glue “Moment” on the plastic parts and to wait until it finally dries up — and protianom a few days the tape has come unstuck from the plastic.
The theoretical drawing of the propeller
The theoretical drawing of the propeller
In the rear crossmember fixed bracket shaft tube, bent sheet of aluminum with a thickness of 2 mm, and steel pipe daduna. In the last inserted “bearing” is a plastic sleeve (cut refill gel ball pen).
Propeller with a diameter of 60 mm and a 25 mm four-bladed, wooden (birch); it consists of the hub and glued it in epoxy resin blades. After final processing, the screw is covered with several layers of varnish parquet. The screw shaft is made of steel wire with a diameter of 2.5 mm.
The model airplane rubber motor made of rubber. In order to make it between two nails hammered into a suitable Board at a distance of 650 mm from each other, wrap-round model aircraft rubber — its mass must be about 40 In the front and rear rubber harness with solid sewing threads are made loop under the hook shaft and hook under the front. After the manufacture of the rubber motor should be washed with soap and water, dry and lightly grease with castor oil. Between the launches of the glider, the rubber motor should be stored in a sealed plastic bag. Install the rubber motor is the most convenient with an ordinary hand drill.
As already mentioned, the case aerolizer different from the hull of the boat with the propeller just wide.
Rezinomotornaya planing catamaran with aerodiesel
Rezinomotornaya planing catamaran with aredigital:
1 — plywood panel; 2 — left steering pen; 3 — prop propeller; 4 — rear cross member; 5 — right steering pen; 6 — a rubber motor; 7 — a shaft of the propeller; 8 — lug; 9 — propeller; 10 — longitudinal rake of the rubber motor; 11 — rear housing; 12 — anterior part of body; 13 — black; 14 — plug attachment to the longitudinal rails; 15 — front crossmember

Propeller for aerolister can take from the fake block in accordance with the theoretical drawing. The concave parts of the screw is the easiest way to handle miniature tsiklej or shards of glass suitable Krasny. After finishing the screw, it is desirable to balance — to put on the knitting needle, and the last set on two identical blocks or lines located on a horizontal plane (the table). A heavier blade while gradually zashlifovyvayutsya with skins: right ambulancewoman the screw must not deviate in any position. The finished propeller is covered with several layers of varnish parquet.
The screw shaft is curved from a steel wire in diameter of 2.5 mm. Between the bushing of the rear boss and screw set brass smooth washer.
The propeller is hinged in a plastic sleeve, glued into a wooden boss. The last pinned thread and glue on the longitudinal rail, and the one on the front beam of the glider and the A-shaped support mounted on the rear beam. The support collected from the two pine strips that are connected by plates of 3-mm plywood.
The rubber motor to aerolister made in the same way as for the model with the propeller.
At the rear of the set gliders rudders bent from a sheet of 2 mm thick duralumin.
When decorating the gliders it makes sense to use colored tape.

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