REPAIR Electronic games with liquid crystals (especially “Nu, pogodi”) children love and appreciate. The disappearance of the “multisignal” a pair of WOLF-HARE “pocket” of the screen is perceived yet children sometimes worse than all misery. And who, if not us, adults (and even more so — consider themselves Amateurs with experience), not to please the younger generation quickly repaired electronic game.

The most common causes of breakdowns at the above game is (if not broken scoreboard of liquid-crystal display) the aging process is a conductive rubber “Zebra”, located between the terminals of the indicator and the contacts on the PCB. This very specific material over time loses its elastic properties, which entails malfunctions in the contacts themselves. Fault conductive rubber can be judged by the lack of on screen (or frequent cases of the disappearance) of the image or some of its elements, although after installing the batteries and pressing the button for the beeps to hear what “electronics” works.
To restore the conductive properties of “Zebra” must carefully analyze the game. Then I have to put between the protective glass and the LCD display (top and bottom along the length of the screen) twice folded strip of newspaper. In conclusion, a carefully collected again the entire structure.
When disassembling and assembling conductive rubber, it is recommended to get and install with the help of forceps, eliminating the ingress of dirt. You should not swap the upper and lower rubber or rubber flip: because the deformed portions can then go to other places and introduce new defects.
If after Assembly, you find out that the game although it works, but without drawing some picture elements on the screen, the operation to restore the conductive properties of “Zebra”must be repeated. However, under the screen already you need to put not 2 but 4 layers of newspaper. If this does not work one way — in the shop for replacement conductive rubber.
E. ZUEV, Minsk

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