EXTENSION CARRIERAt home we often have to work with electrical tools and appliances (electric, eletronica, furnace, etc.) at a considerable distance from the outlet. And if the extension wire has a greater length (>25 m), it becomes difficult to unwind, to reel and store.

So we decided to make a portable extension cord (see figure). It consists of base, rack and installed on the axis of the spools of wire, one end connected socket, the other plug. Bobbin is installed on axis with curved washers and locked with the wing nut.

The stand consists of a curved in the form of pipe clamps 1/2—3/4″ and welded to it two parts. To the top, in turn, welded axle, which is equipped with a bobbin with wire, and using the lower strut is secured with two M6 screws and nuts to the base.
Portable extension
Portable extension cable:
1 — socket, 2 — reel, 3 — base, 4 — plug, 5 — handle, 6 — wing nut, a 7 — figure washer, 8 — wire, 9 — stand, 10 — screw and nut M6, 11 — axis.

Working with a portable extension cord as follows. Rasstropovyvajut wing nut 1/2—3/4 turn and cut the wire from the reel to the desired length plug is connected to a wall power outlet and to a plug connector mounted on the reel, connected to a consumer power. At the end of the operation wire is wound by rotating the reel handle and the stoppers and then the wing nut.
On the extension carrier can be wound more than 40 m of wire, it will not take much space when stored.

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