Heater mini type electric air heater (IEC) is now unlikely to surprise anyone. To acquire these small and comfortable appliances for every taste. But it is not necessary to spend money on industrial products, especially imported. I, for example, has long been home-made and, according to the unanimous confession of the household, very aesthetic of MEK.

It is based on the nichrome spiral tiles, electrofone motor (hereinafter referred to as “solid” motor) Yes a tin of paint.
As in most industrial analogues, the air flow in this coil creates a homemade multi-blade propeller. Rigidly fixed on the shaft of the motor, it blows air through burning them-rum spiral, fixed on the struts of heat-resistant electrically insulating material. The heating or drying clothes. When you turn off the heater IEC improvised works like a normal fan.
That is, the omission of such appliance is not threatened. The reliability of it too no doubt. The only thing required from the users, not to forget about fire safety rules.
As already noted, as a case for homemade IEC is adapted a tin of paint. This is dictated not so much by the availability of the source material, what is the maximum simplicity, and hence reliability of the whole design. If any other technical solution would have to take care of additional brackets for mounting of the motor.
Homemade heater
Homemade electric heater:
1 — housing; 2 — insulator (slate, strip L150, 4x); P — heater; 4 — insulation insert; 5 — terminal (2); 6,8 — feet; 7 — installation of wire in heat-resistant insulation; 9 — M4 screw (4 PCs); 10 —angle bracket (quantity according to the number of propeller blades); 11 —air propeller; 12 — mounting bushing; 13 — rotor motor; 14—motor with capacitor and resistor in the circuit of the windings; 15 — power cable; 16— main switch; 17 — the switch of the electric heater; 18 — control panel; 19 — speed controller; 20 — tapping screw (7 pieces); 21 — handle;
the plug and the fuse is conventionally not shown; the dimensions of the improvised parts,

Here, the brackets are not needed, they were replaced… the bottom of the jar. It is strictly at the center slotted air intake box and drilled holes for the screws to secure the motor.
Very well came the motor from the electrophone “Youth-301”. It is compact, reliable and economical and at the same time, develops a large torque and high speed rotation of the shaft. And most importantly — to work in home network he does not need any
step-down transformer or import adapter.
In particular, to a household socket 220 In this motor, having only two windings can be connected in circuit with capacitor K-40П with a capacity of 1 µf and the resistor, a resistance of 1.2 PH 7.5 com. And that such a device could be used by small improvements in the form of a variable resistor SP (1 W, 680 Ohms) adjust the speed of the air flow switch and heater control.
The propeller is carved from the tinplate from cans. The number of blades is selected according to the — I was limited to five. Mounts a propeller on the motor shaft with the help of simple brackets (segments of steel area) and bushings made from the same tinplate. Soldering — tin solder.
Nichrome heater from cheap electric. In the heater the spiral posted on slate heat resistant wires-heat insulation, which is made a hole of appropriate diameter and Central (subassembly into the pin) rectangular cut. And the length of the last bond in the form of the letter X pairs two times more than the cross version.
To connect the heater to the IEC, there are special terminals. In the heater they are located at the bottom of the hull-banks, on the special panel of fiberglass.
In the upper part of the intake end of the IEC on the screws-the screws fixed to the control panel with the fuse (on the Assembly sketch not shown), a regulator of speed of rotation of the motor shaft, the switches enable the appliance as a heater.
So this whole structure was stable, the bottom of the feet screwed to the hull, and the top provides carrying handle. Mass self-made electric heater a little more than a kilogram. Power consumption depends mainly on the heater. In this embodiment it is about 100 watts.

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