MYSTERIOUSLY FLICKERING LIGHTS...It’s hard to imagine New year without festive lights and a Christmas tree with a mysterious flickering lights. However elektrogirlyandy industrial manufacturing not everyone is like: get bored of the monotonous flashing, and is harmful, they say it’s for health. I propose to replace these “flashers” an improvised device, lights which Shine like candles — with smooth change of brightness. Among its advantages are the simplicity of an electric circuit, which will be able to collect anyone, and the lack of scarce or expensive electronic components.

When included in the network garlands burn in pancala — through semiconductor diodes VD1, VD3 and VD5. Through the chain (VD2R1, VD4R3, V06R5) is the charge of the electrolytic capacitors C1, C2 and Sz, creating an increase in the control voltage on the thyristors VS1, VS2 and VS3. With the equality Uy = UolKp corresponding thyristor opens.

This triggers a semiconductor device VS2. Opening, it causes an increase in the brightness of the garland НЕ2. But stops charging of the capacitor C2, holding the moment of release VS3, and thus contributing to the already ongoing process of the charge capacitance CP.
The voltage continues to increase Sz prior to the opening (via resistor R6) of the thyristor UB1. Opening that leads to increased illumination garlands HE1, cessation of the charging of the capacitor C1 and reduce the brightness of the lights in the garland НЕ2. As a consequence, the recharging of the capacitor C2, which creates the conditions for unlocking (via resistor R4) of the thyristor VSЗ. Garland NEZ begins to glow at full intensity, reducing (via resistor R6), the potential on the control electrode of the thyristor VS1. As a result, the brightness НЕ1 decreases.
Schematic diagram of the device
A circuit diagram of the device
Topology circuit Board
The topology of the circuit Board
The process continues alternately for НЕ2, НЕ1, NEZ again for НЕ2 etc. Garlands are lit dimly and then brightly (for the ring). The tree becomes with them more elegant and mysterious. The rate of change of brightness depends on the time constant of the charge-discharge circuits with appropriate capacitors. The current flowing through the lamp is determined by the parameters of diodes.
The installation is on a textolite Board hinged manner. It is recommended to adhere to the arrangement of parts corresponding to the circuit diagram.
Yury KOCHKIN, Nizhniy Novgorod

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