SAMOVAR: AND WOOD, AND A CURRENTSince the house has antique samovar, a sin not to use them at least on special occasions. You can even with the ignition not to bother, but just ready with boiling water, poured inside. At first, I did not yet matured the decision to equip this relic of a tubular electric heater (Teh), while maintaining almost unchanged the appearance of the samovar and the basis of its unique design.

As the heating element is adapted so-called domestic boiler with a capacity of 1.2 kW. However, the plastic head with wires had to be removed. Tubular and spiral a little to flatten, so that the heater could be freely accommodated between the body of the samovar and the flame tube.


More trouble arrived… handle. Located on the lid of the samovar, in addition to its main functions they had to perform another — to serve as housings of electrical connectors. At the same time without wires and with closed swivel lids looks no different from the prototype.
In addition, the samovar has received a modern electropedic, pretty compact. Had to do the same myself since the industrial designs for non-standard equipment is not suitable. It’s good that parts in the samovar electropotence a bit.
In short, I had to work hard. What is the result?
First, the samovar has kept its “face”. Second, it is possible not only to sink, as before, with firewood, but also to heat from the mains.
However, such a combination already produces samovars Tula factory “Stamp”. But they use a heating element that is inserted into the body of the samovar, and therefore, the connector protrudes outside and is not a decoration design. Moreover, the connection of the Heater with the enclosure should be airtight, which is ensured by rubber gaskets. Rubber when prolonged heating (and just in time) bursts, and the connection loses its integrity. And if you do not have new gaskets samovar to use anymore.
In the proposed design, the electrical connector located on the lid of the samovar, that is above the water level, and tight connection is not required. This means that the performance of the samovar does not depend on the quality of the pads (they may not be). Moreover, in the case not necessary to make additional holes. And finally, thirdly, the heater of the proposed design can be installed in a pure electric samovar, which will increase its reliability and durability.
By the way, the design of samovar received RF Patent № 2073995.
Old samovar — a new life
The old samovar — a new life:
1—body of the samovar; 2 — heater; 3 — handle plug (2); 4—cover; 5 — pipe flame; 6 — handle of the plug; 7 — the lock-splitter cables; 8 — cap; 9 — burner; 10 — the cord; the top () and bottom (b) acceptable levels fill the samovar with water.
Handle plug Assembly

Handle plug Assembly:
1 — body of Heater, 2 — gasket (PTFE or KAPRO-lone); 3 — a cover of a samovar, a 4 — threaded bushing; 5 — notched nut; 6 — lug; 7 — threaded sleeve; 8 — stopper; 9 — a rotary cover; 10 — pin contact; the axis of rotation of the cap; 12 — spring (from disposable gas lighters, cropped); 13 — washer; 14—pin; 15 — insulator (Teflon, caprolon or rubber).

1 — sleeve pin (bronze or brass, 2); 2 — plug housing (2); 3—the sleeve is flexible; 4 — wire single-core; 5 — cover of the lock-separator; 6 — sleeve notched; 7 — cord; 8 — the plug of the plug; 9-the base of the locking hub.

In conclusion, a few recommendations. Household heater 1.2 kW is best suited for samovars to 5 years, with larger capacity heating time will be too large. It is desirable to use a heater with a copper alloy. Straighten it should be very careful not to damage the inside elektrospiral.
For copper samovar all metal parts it is better to make bronze. The outer surface preferably polished.
Boss I advise you to carve hard wood (oak, beech). If necessary, treat the stain and cover furniture varnish 2-3 layers. All other non-metallic items can be made of PTFE or caprolon.
The threaded sleeve is recommend to plant in a tube of a boiler with a tight fit, the ends of the tube are flared, and the joint soldered. This is necessary to ensure that the sleeve does not rotate when tightening notched nuts. Contact pin to solder to the output of the heating coil. Insulator to put on the contact pin with an interference fit, so it was a tight connector housing.
Axis you can press to swivel the lid, and the springs to use from a disposable gas lighter by shortening them to the desired size.
As for the length of the solid wires of the power cord, it is desirable that in the working position they were not strained.

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