SWITCH AND AN ALTERNATE FROM THE USUALIn the December issue of “M-K” for 1990 were published material about the switch-gubbare. There is proposed a technical solution I liked, but… think about it, has developed its own version. In order to turn on the light of the two points, sometimes enough to modify the normal switch. It is necessary to disassemble and install a third contact plate. This is done quite simply.


After the removal of the switch housing is turned the screw holding key and a contact plate. Now the base remains only the second contact plate, copper screw fixed symmetrically to the switch there is a ledge. On this ledge you need to drill a hole with a diameter of 3.2 mm for screw mounting of the additional contact.


And in the partition of the base to make needle files cut. Of course, not “beauty”, and under separate contact. For fastening same extra plates, it is desirable to use a copper screw.


The base of the switch with the attached contact plates



The base of the switch with the attached contact plates:
1 — additional contact plate (1,5 mm copper or brass), 2 — the base of the switch, 3 plate pin main, 4 — MZ screw (3 PCs.).


Scheme of connection of loads to the network


The scheme of connection of loads to the network.

P. BELOUSOV. Volgogradskaya obl.

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