TILES RESCUED... IRONHappened that my electric “Rossiyanka-2” went out on one of the switches controls the degree of heating burners. So much so that no restoration is not subject. A suitable replacement for him even in a repair shop not found. Rescued… the thermostat of the burnt iron. However, had a bit to accommodate this, tuscawilla in storage, site.

The changes were primarily of fastener elements. To install “crystal cabochons” thermostat Т250-6/220 on the tiles, needed to drill out the old center hole on the front wall of the housing last up to 12 mm in diameter to the smooth passage of the shaped adjusting element, which was now to serve and the axis of the plastic handle. And at a distance of 22 mm from the center to make a new a 4.2-mm hole for the main fixing bolt M4.
Produced also and a special mounting sleeve with a recess under the flared bushing-swage thermostat. And current-carrying conductors two-wire power line is firmly welded to the corresponding pins Т250-6/220. As for the “masses”, its conclusion is firmly clamped between the washers, providing (even in the unlikely event of breakdown of the thermostat housing) protection against electric shock upon touching the tiles.
Case “Russia-2” with holes for the thermostat.
The thermostat of the iron in the body electric
The thermostat of the iron in the body electric:
1 — body tiles, 2 — element adjusting fittings, 3 — M4 screw, 4 — spacer (3 PCs), 5 — Bush mounting (with recess under the flared bushing-swage), 6 — bushing-swage, 7 — thermostat, 8 — wire current-carrying copper wire (2 PCs.), 9 — wire ground, 10 — nut M4.
The scheme of finalizing the thermostat knob from the iron outdated design

Scheme improvements the thermostat knob from the iron outdated design.
Plastic handle — from the same iron. And if the last not-so-old release, no difficulties installing it do not cause. Well, the handle of the outdated designs will require a little work. For example, such as shown in the illustration.
Sergei RYZHOV,
the city of Alatyr

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