At work and in everyday life there is often a need in galvanic power source with a stepped gradation of the EMF (including the symmetric polar voltage). Often this “standard” range: ±1.5 to 12 V. In such cases it is highly useful is a homemade cassette, which allows you to quickly assemble a battery of two, four, six or eight galvanic elements 373 (“Mars”, “Orion”).

Works well this unit and paired with a rectifier for charging the run down “electroplating”, and the socket of the electrical connector of the type ONTs (or lamp socket) mounted in the cover of a magazine, completely eliminates errors when connecting battery cells to a particular electrical circuit.
The outer casing is made of sheet 230x185x1 mm, and each of the shells from blanks 190x58x1 mm. raw material is tinplate.
Forming the housing and the shell is achieved by a pair of columns of elements 373, pre-wrapped in several layers of paper to ensure the technological gap between the “electroplating” and cassette. Brazing the longitudinal seam in each of the metal parts is carried out vnahlestku, and nuts M4, located on the inner side of the housing opposite the hole with a diameter of 4.2 mm, at the perimeter. Similar openings exist in the shell.
As the material of lid and bottom, apply solder to the respective shells, preferably tinplate. But acceptable and the galvanized iron roof. Corresponding in contour with the bottom, the cover features a large Central and two small side holes for mounting the socket connector of the type ONTs (or lamp sockets).
Universal battery galvanic elements and scheme of its use
Universal battery galvanic elements and scheme of its use:
1 — housing; 2 — shell (2); 3 — element electroplating (2,4,6 or 8 pieces); 4 — spring pin (2 PCs); 5 — panel, pin, bottom; 6 — wire “null”; 7 — the bottom; 8 — pin panel, top; 9 — pin resistant; 10 — wire “polar” (2 PCs); 11 — cover; 12 — a bolt M3 (2 PCs); 13 socket of the electrical connector; 14 — bolt M4 (2); 15 — nut M4 (2 PCs.); materials of parts 1,2,7,11—tinplate s0,5; 5 and 8 foil Micarta or textolite s1,5; 6 and 10 — wire mgshv-1,5. U-shaped stopper, is set depending on the number of included battery cells, as well as equity closure parts 1 and 2 conventionally not shown.

The lower contact bar is cut from a foil of 1.5 mm of Micarta or textolite. Its elliptical contour less, “bottom”, fits the dimensions 65×34 mm. Areas, providing electrical contact with the spring and with the positive electrode of a galvanic cell, zalivayutsya.
The top of the contact panel is made similar to the bottom. But she’s a little large. Besides, there is a dividing propyl conductive layer and the side cutout for the passage of the three wires of the type mgshv-1,5. Its isolated side of this panel rests on two rods, which are made of steel wire with a diameter of 3 mm and soldered to the corresponding shell.
Options include galvanic elements shown in the circuit diagram. Depending on the desired voltage, select the number of pairs of energy to work for the load, and the other located below are removed from the cassette. Then to the remaining podstegivaet lower contact bar and is pressed with a non-slip (rear) side of the U-shaped clip or two locking rods with M3 nuts on the ends (the latter not shown). Cassette battery cells closed with a lid.

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