SEA DIVING BOATThese small maneuverable vessels are used for long-term diving operations. With their Board examined the bottom waters is inspected the underwater part being afloat or stranded vessels. In addition, they are adapted for underwater excavation, blasting and rescue operations.

A distinctive feature of the rescue craft is always ready to put to sea in adverse weather conditions.
Vessels of this type, equipped with modern machineries and devices have proven themselves in the work of forwarding troops seaports. Tasks determined their size and shape.
Recent service, rescue, salvage and underwater technical work of the shipping companies of the country began to replenish the sea” diving bots, type “Krab-M”.
They have a continuous smooth deck with considerable sheer: the deck line slopes from the middle of the length of the ship to the stem. It promotes good germination of the ship on the wave, improves its seaworthiness in heavy duty marine conditions and provides a flow rushing over the deck of water. A characteristic feature of the case is a large deadrise: significant rise of the bottom and a large radius fillets cheekbones. Inherent in it is also pronounced V-shaped frames in the bow, straightened, without the S-shaped nasal the waterline. This form of housing provides the bot with ease and good manoeuvrability. The angle of taper to the designed waterline (KVL) is located in the fore part between 20° C and feed the same end it is wide enough to avoid suction of air propellers. Straight, sloping buttocks in the stern provides a good flow of water to the two screws.
Transform the slice in the feed and reduced feed sheer create a comfortable working platform for divers.
Main dimensions sea dive boat, drawings of which are published in this issue, are as follows: length overall — (Lнб) — 41 m, breadth (b) 8 m, height (H) —” 3.5 m, draught (T) is of 2.07 m.
The ratio of the main dimensions: Boat speeds speed (V) –12.4 per node, or 23 km/h.
The superstructure of the ship is quite normal. In the middle part of the upper deck houses the wheelhouse with residential and office space, and the navigation and radio room. The specificity consists in the installation on the boat diving equipment to devices.
1 — constructive waterline (KVL), 2 — bow anchor Hall 3 — stand anchor light, 4 — bale strap with two guide rollers, 5 — ship’s bell, 6 — felling for the accommodation and service spaces 7 — pilothouse, 8 — side a distinctive fire, 9 — compass 10 — whip antenna, 11 — rail, 12 — round rescue, 13, 16, 18, 21 — time running lights, 14 — antenna direction finder, 15 — Typhon, 17 — FLC-mast, 19 — the radar’s antenna, 20 — masthead light, 22 — mark on the chimney, 23 — flue, 24 — diving post, spotlight 25, 26 — a mainmast, a 27 — cargo boom 28 — the anchor-beam 29 — Flagstaff, 30 — ice tooth sternpost, 31 — rudder, a 32 — four-bladed propeller, 33 — propeller shaft bracket, 34 — propeller shaft 35 — deadwood, 36 — airlock, 37 — U-shaped crane beam, 38 — winch for lowering and lifting the airlock, 39 — winch for lifting and lowering a diving gazebo, 40 — single-drum electric view, 41 — feed the Admiralty anchor, a 42 — basket for hose and cable, 43 — vent head, 44 — eye for earrings, 45 the view 46 — Luke diving pantry. 47 — clamp, 48 — working boat, a 49 — limiter tow rope, 50 — tow hook, 51 — nostrovia sliding davits, 52 — plastic rescue boat, 53 — elektroniczna boat hoist, 54 — inflatable life rafts in containers, 55 — antenna, 56 — Luke, 57 — anchor device 58 is detachable outboard of the diving ladder, 59 — towing-mooring bollard, 60 — tow arch, 61 — diving gazebo, 62 — cargo winch, 63 — winch-damper with manual drive, 64 — electrohydraulic control system, 65 — diving porticos, 66 projector.
Diving station room is located on the boat deck on the port side, near the descent of the divers. To work with use tending U-shaped crane girder with four gorgenyi. Garden consists of a rope threaded into a block that is suspended on the boom crane. The indigenous end of the cable Gardena attached airlock, which is a pressurised steel construction, mounted on open deck. The second running end of the cable secured to the winch drum serving for lowering and lifting the lock chamber. The indigenous end of the second Gordana attached trigger diving gazebo, consisting of a platform and guard rails, and the running end of the cable fastened to the drum of the second winch.
Two other cable located at the extreme Gardena, serve as guides, their running ends are attached to two winches-views with manual transmission.
Portside on the boat deck are two single-drum electric dampers, which are placed coiled hoses and cables. Aft of the bot established anchor-beam for falling in a mess Admiralty anchor. In addition, it can help to lower the diver in the gazebo. Aft and to starboard in gunwale has a diving portico, equipped with detachable outboard of the diving ladder. Styling coiled diving hoses near the place of descent of the divers installed a metal basket.
During diving operations the vessel is placed on the bow anchor Hall (there are two) and feed — Admiralty anchor.
The rescue device of the bot — the plastic boat, mounted on the starboard side on rostovyh sliding down the Davit, and five inflatable rafts in containers (three of them are located on the right and two on the port side). In the stern on the upper deck on the keel blocks secured to the working boat.
According to the classification requirements of the Federation of ship modeling sport model of the bot can be built in scale 1 : 20, 1 : 25, 1 : 50, 1 : 75, 1 :100.
Of reference tables used in shipbuilding, as defined by the coefficients of fullness of the hull form model. The recommended values of the coefficient of fullness of the displacement (σ) of such vessels from 0.45 to 0.55, and the coefficient of fullness of the mid-bulkhead (β) from 0.75 to 0.85. Take σ or=0.51, and β = 0,85. Factor to the design load waterline α=σ+(or 0.22 to 0.20), take α=0,71.
Taking into account the recommendations of the shape of the hull form, the main dimensions and coefficients the completeness of the model will mycertam 10 key frames.
The theoretical model lines are depicted at a scale of 1:100 in three, projections. In addition, given the projection of the “body”, corresponding to the scale of the General form of the model (1:125). The model is therefore reduced relative to the prototype 125 and has the following dimensions: greatest length (Lнб) — 388 mm, length (L) 295 mm width (In) — 64 mm, height (H) — 28 mm, draught (T) is 16.5 mm.
Details drawn at a scale relevant to the General appearance of the model.
To paint the model in these colors: hull above the waterline, bollards, sensible things — black; the underwater part is dark green; the deck is dark brown; the wheelhouse, the masts, the bulwarks on the inside, ladders, handrails, antennas, light — grey; life rafts — yellow-orange; rail device, lifeboat — white; mark on the chimney — red, the logo on the stamp of the pipe (hammer and sickle) — yellow crowns.
To access the mechanisms of the model cuttings take easily removable.

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