A PIECE OF IRON IN RAILROADOur homemade planer-“piece of iron” compares favorably with industrial: twice easier, simpler constructively, quickly and accurately adjusted. If you make a few of these tools, they can be successfully used at the lessons of labor in school. Students easily master the work with homemade.
The pad plane is cut from a steel angle 50X50 mm. In a horizontal shelf done the slot for the blade the iron, it is welded stud M8 cone and the base handle is a metal plate with a thickness of 4 mm. Vertical shelf removed almost completely, leaving only then bent at a right angle lug. It drilled the hole for the thread M8 for screw-lock.
Near the gap to the block welded on the end section of steel angle of size 30X30 mm and length 42 mm. In its shelves propylene recesses that serve as guides for the glands; they Orient it so that a correctly sharpened blade is set strictly parallel to the sole pad, which is a guarantee of high quality planing.
The depth of cut in one pass of the chip is governed by the degree of extension of the slit blade glands. It is fixed with screw M8 thumb screw.
The plane from the area.
The plane of the area:
1 block (area 50X50 mm), 2 — horn, 3 — nut M8, 4 — pin M8, 5 — screw-lock, 6 — lug pads, 7 — piece, 8 — emphasis (area 30X30 mm), 9 rivets Ø 4 mm, 10 — pad pen, 11 — base of handle.
Stud M8 and the base handle to the block is welded. This solution allows to ensure the smoothness of the sole of the plane, which also positively affects the quality of machining.
Horn carved from hardwood and mounted on the stud nut M8, under which the head arm is made seat.
Lining handle carved from wood (of rigid PVC) and riveted to the base with two aluminum rivets. The horn and handle are roughened with sandpaper and varnished.
A. VASILENKO, teacher, Zaporozhye

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