AND THE GLASS AND WOODBoth homemade, placed on this page, came up with the famous Ukrainian pedagogue Nikolai Nesterovich DELIK. Any figurines of glass can be cut universal electric glass cutter is a very simple design. And if you work them on the tree, then burn a beautiful ornament or even to copy a picture, too, will not be difficult.

Here’s how to do this tool.
First size shown, cut the handle of hard wood and drilled holes in it for wires and ventilation.
From a heat-resistant insulating material had a diene with a diameter of 33 mm. it is necessary to drill six holes, as shown in the drawing. Using three of these screws attach the disk to the handle, two large will serve for mounting the glass cutter, and will be the Central vent.
Now it is more difficult: cut off a piece of spirals for iron, carefully straighten it, then bend as shown in the drawing. Top knife glass cutter for flat, and the bottom — cylindrical surface. Proceed to the Assembly. Glass cutter worn lugs on bolts No. 4, insert them into the holes in the disk, fasten the ends of wire previously passed through the handle, and screwed the nut. Privertyvaem drive to the grip — glass cutter ready. A current source will be: cutting first with a knife — batteries KBS-L, the second two batteries, connected in series — plus to minus.
To work as a glass cutter is easy: we must first draw on the glass figure, which is going to cut, and then slowly lead the line knife until you separate one piece of glass from another.

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