ANGLE? PLEASE!In most cases, the part is placed on the machine perpendicular to the processing tool. A simple device created by Odessa innovator, Tandit, provides a fast and secure workpiece at any angle with an accuracy of 1°.

The detail is fixed on the movable plate (see Fig.), which one side of the fixture attached to the hinge, and the other two movable bolts-clamps. Horizontal table fixture is mounted on the machine, and an inclined plate is clamped at the required angle screw frame-goniometer. Then the elected position stabiliziruemost two movable screws, the plate is attached to the detail and can work.
The inclined table:
1 — horizontal table-base, 2— hinge, 3 — angled plate, 4 — frame-goniometer, 5 — clamping screw, 6 — fixing bolts.
Table inclined plate can be included in the set USP — universal prefabricated appliances, excluding the manufacture of special tooling.

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