Who has upholstered furniture and used the brackets that holds the fabric, he knows how difficult it is to hammer them in with a hammer. Furniture factories for these purposes a special tool. And what about those who are not, and you want to drive more than a dozen brackets?

Offer a worthy replacement special tool. When I needed to change the upholstery on the chair, a habit I took up the hammer. But after several unsuccessful attempts to drive them parenthesis, I had an idea how to facilitate this process. Literally from scrap materials I have produced a small device, which quickly updated the chair. I love to drive brackets that only stopped when in the house, there was nothing further to update.
I later improved the device and tested with excellent results. Gave it to many of my friends, their feedback is positive. So I decided to write to the editors through the journal to acquaint the reader with their device.
A device for driving the brackets
A device for driving the brackets:
1 — rod; 2 — stopper; 3 — yoke; 4 — pin; 5 — head; 6 — bracket

The two parts (stem and head) I machined on a lathe, one (firing pin) were cut from sheet steel and one (clip) made from selected tube. The rod and striker coupled with the end face of the welding and smoothed. Adjusted the thickness of the striker so that it is moved along the slot mags without jamming. The hole in the rod is drilled at the place and drove him with a stopper made from a nail. This stopper need in order for the firing pin did not come out of groove.
Head planted on a holder with a slight interference fit All device ready And working with him is very simple: insert the bracket into the groove, carefully turn over the device and put his head to the right place, making sure that bracket does not fall out. Now beat with a hammer on the end of the rod — usually just one blow.
Using the tool successfully driven all sorts of brackets, both new and used (pulled out of the furniture), and home-made, made of wire or paper clips. While they are all equally easy to enter the wood, plywood, fibreboard or chipboard.
V. SAINOV, Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk region.

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