CREATIVE CORNERI was always surprised how passionate people are literally “cuts out” even in their small apartments place under house workshop while compactly arranging the equipments and tools efficiently using the available space. His creative area in the acquired country house I arranged in the wall between the Windows. Initially hoped to use it as temporary. Therefore, as the basis for it were made simple homemade rack, assembled mainly from only one planed boards with a thickness of 10 mm and a width of 120 mm.

The rack is made of four uprights and a few shelves with a couple of crossbars from the bar 30×30 mm each. Cross member to the posts mounted helical rods with a diameter 5×45 mm hex head for the key 10. Board shelves to the crossbars are attracted by screws 2,5×25 mm countersunk head.
The lower shelf functions as a working table, and because it is located at an altitude of 700 mm from the floor.
To the space under the table in the “non-working” time should not be wasted, added in the roll-out table on wheels with drawers. The bedside table used fabricated only cutting her body and drawers along the length, or rather depth.
Creative corner
Creative corner (material POS. 1,2,3 – Board 120×10):
1 – front (4 PCs); 2 – shelves (on request); 3 – Desk; 4 – cross member (the bar of 30×30); 5 – fastening of racks with cross bars (screw coupler 05×45, on demand); 6 – mount boards of the shelves to the crossbars (d2 screw,5×25, needs); 7 – roll-out bedside table with drawers (trade name, modified)

The dimensions chosen from the following considerations: height is determined my height, so I can place or remove the device from the top shelf without using a stepladder; a width of the wall between the Windows; the depth is such that the gap between the shelving and other furniture you can stick to the Desk chair. The distance between the shelves is not equal – to be able to place on the shelves of different height items. In addition, in the stands drilled extra holes for the cross members, so that if necessary you can move any shelf to a different height.
Over time, creative corner filled with instruments, tools and materials, and other good things to such an extent that I had to make another rack.
Creative area of Amateur radio from the two of the same type of roll-out shelves and bedside tables with drawers
The creative area of Amateur radio from the two of the same type of roll-out shelves and bedside tables with drawers
Since the construction of the first rack though, and was very simple, but I was quite happy, he sort of did, and second, by changing only the distance between shelves. Put it next to the first, cementing the adjacent strut by a pair of jumpers from the steel strip cross-section 2×20 mm screws with a diameter of 3×12 mm. Design became more stable. And although the second rack took place in the target window opening, due to the lack of a back wall and fill the shelves of the various objects of light it goes through enough.
And instead of a conclusion. If you have a growing kid, let him, looking at you, will grow passionate person. It does not spare space in your home – it will pay off handsomely!

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