FIGURE SAWTo complete the profile of woodcarving, offer readers a “M-K” to assemble a simple machine based on the electric drill IE-1036Э with electronic regulator of frequency of rotation of the spindle. This mechanical almost universal, it is suitable for cutting curly proraso as wood and metal. To make it simple saadeldin, with experience on machine tools drilling, turning and milling. To jigsaws will need a pair of gears (Z1=14 and Z2=40), bolts, bearings, pipe pieces, a piece of steel channel, steel plates of various sizes.

To convert the rotation of the spindle of the drill to reciprocating motion of the saw blade I used all the well-known link mechanism, a slide which makes reciprocating movement through a stationary guiding — sleeves.
The body of the rocker mechanism is made of channel 100X45X5 mm and length 135 mm; upper, lower and lateral covers — ie sheet steel 3 mm,
The adapter is a sleeve with an outer diameter of 52 mm and height 30 mm; with one of ei her of the parties she rastaquouere the diameter of the outer race of the bearing and on the other on the external diameter of the drill. Under the bearing retaining ring slotted groove. On the body of the adapter is fixed by welding.
Further on the housing and on the adapter are marked and cut the M5 threaded holes for screws of fixing of racks, the handles of the machine and for fixing the drill.
Pinion (Z1 = 14). Along the axis of the gear is drilled through hole with a diameter of 11 mm. and Then at the end of the cylindrical parts of the grooves are selected so to get the height of the protrusions of 5 mm, providing the pair with a clutch connecting the shaft of the drill with the gear.
Clutch. Its external diameter — 16 mm; on one of its ends is selected grooves in accordance with the projections on the gear and the drilled hole with a diameter of 3 mm dowel, locking the clutch on the shaft of the drill.
The shaft of the drill. The mechanical part of the drill is disassembled, and the shaft it is brought on a lathe to diameter 10.5 mm. shaft end is cut threaded hole for screw M6. Then the drill going along with the clutch.
Gear (Z2=40}. On a lathe it rastaquouere hole under the bearing on the outside of his cage; then, in a gear wheel drilled hole with a diameter of 8 mm under the finger drive rod. After that, the gear is pressed on the pin and then the bearing.
Axle gears. On a lathe machined axle bolts with big head. The latest in the Assembly must not protrude from the plane of gears.
The yoke is made of a steel bar with dimensions of 25 X 28X64 mm. it profilirovav the groove depth of 10 mm and a width of 12 mm. Under the post along the axis of symmetry of the scenes of drilled hole diameter of 14 mm.
The rod is made of steel rod with a diameter of 14 mm and 220 mm. dlim With one hand he protochen to a diameter of 8mm on the length of 70 mm, other length 105 mm. the slide rod is compressed and fixed with two screws M5. At the working end of the rod made the cut, and one side is removed, and then the rod is drilled hole of 3 mm diameter dowel mounting bushings (mount blade).
Scroll saw on base drills
The jigsaw on the basis of the drill:
1 – top cover of the machine body, 2 – handle, 3 – sleeve, 4 – drill, 5 – cable, 6 – plug, 7 – button controller, 8 – cheek (insulating material), 9 – fastening screws handle, 10 – rivet, 11 – stand, 12 – retaining ring, 13 – bolts of fastening of a bracket of the guide roller, 14 connector, 15 – I bearing, 16 – finger 17 – the holder of the fork, 18 – shtift holder, 19 – screw 20 – cover, 21 – bol fixing drive gear, 22 – axis driven sprocket, 23 – finger drive rod, 24 – sleeve 25 – cover of the guide sleeve, a 26 – gasket 27 – the guide sleeve 28, the bearings 29 – rod 30 – housing, 31 – yoke, 32 – gear 33 – screws of fastening of a rod, 34 – screw mounting, 35 – gear 36 – the screw that secures the blade, a 37 – biscuit, 38 is a platform 39 – upravlaushiy roller, 40 – bracket guide roller, 41 – nut 42 – locking screw, 43 – shaft – electric.
Bushing-holder blade. It is made of pipe 18X5. It is drilled pin hole with a diameter of 3 mm and cut the threaded hole for the screw (holder of key) M6; the biscuit is cut from pravalika, then it performs a deaf conical hole for the screw.
The covers of the rocker mechanism drilled holes with a diameter of 12 mm under the guides. It also includes threaded holes M5 for screws fixing the covers of the sleeves.
Bracket guide roller —rocky bar 15X15X78 mm, With one side of the selected groove width of 7 mm and a length of 20 mm below the guide roller saw blade; two holes drilled with a diameter of 8 mm under the axle guide wheel, bottom bracket cut two holes M5.
Guide roller is of hardened steel, its outer diameter is 15 mm, inner 8 mm, the cross section of the groove under the blade— 1X1 mm.
Platform m rack — sheet steel, 1.5 mm thick; the edge along the entire perimeter of the platform is slightly bent upwards in front of the selected groove 20X50 mm by sawing.
Handle, taken from the drill, is mounted in the upper part of the machine between the two cheeks.
The blade is inserted so that the teeth are pointing upwards for damping oscillations and vibrations of the machine.
You can now perform a complete Assembly of the entire machine.
Speed cutting —
400 mm/min the oscillation frequency of the rod — 300 1 /min.
Dear editors, I offer my work for those who still saws “manual. However, my machine leaves much to be desired, but om works, works. In the future I will improve its design, to get a more easy and convenient the unit to electric.
P. SUBOCHEV, Kursk region

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