ELLIPSOGRAPHThe construction of the ellipses associated with certain difficulties, that’s why when drawing the axonometric images this process takes the lion’s share of time. I invented ellipsograph allows you to quickly draw ellipses of different sizes and with any ratio of the major and minor semi-axes. If necessary, the tool can be used as a regular compass to draw circles.

The basis of ellipsograph — support leg fixed thereto three supporting needle, the guide disk and draws a leg. The device is mounted on the supporting needle, the ratio of the axes is set by changing the angle of the guide disk, and the size of the ellipse is the position of the disc on the supporting leg. Remains to turn draws the leg 360° so that she would touch the guide disk and the ellipse is constructed.
Now for the details. Drawing a leg mates with the support from the drum to the hinge. The drum is fixed with a retaining split ring. To create a constant pressure which draws the leg to the guide disk is provided by a spring.
Design ellipsograph
Design ellipsograph:
1 — head, 2 — split retainer ring, 3 rotary drum, 4 — leg, 5 — screw-lock, 6 — axis drive guide, 7 — joint, 8 — guide disk 9 — bearing with needle, 10, 11 — “floating” drawer leg.
Design of the pivot node
The design of the hinge Assembly:
1 — nut, 2 — head, 3 — leg, 4 — split locking ring 5 — rotary drum 6 — washer 7 — screw 8 — spring 9 — foot painting.
Design of a drawing node
Design drawing site:
1 pencil— leg, 2 — screw latch, 3 — spacer, 4 — spring, 5 — krefelderstr.
The rotator of the guiding disc
The turning device guide drive:
1 — leg of ellipsograph, 2 — hinge, 3 — guide disk, 4 — screw-locking position the drive vertically, 5, 6 — nut, 7 — screw the locking position of the disc in angle, 8 — hub, 9 — axis.
Guide disk secured on the base leg hinge. To change its angle relative to the vertical axis using screw-lock on the disk. Adjustment of disc position (height) on the foot is done by another screw hinge Assembly.
Painting the leg of ellipsograph made floating it is necessary to ensure permanent contact of the stylus with the paper when abahani drive.
To convert the same ellipsograph in a normal compass is easy — just install the guide disk perpendicular to the foot.

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