HAMMER WAGONUniversal tools do not claim to replace conventional designed to perform one or two operations, but in many cases, the care of equipment, its repair, adjustment is convenient to use them.

The proposed set combines a hammer, a screwdriver, a hacksaw for metal and wood, wrench, hand vise (clamp) and the nail file-Litovko, that is almost everything you need for plumbing and installation work.
The main part of the structure, the combined hammer. His PEEN is manufactured in accordance with the standards, then there may be a weight of 50, 100 and 200 g. connecting rod is made of steel circle-logo-section Ø 8, 10 or 12 mm (according to the weight of the hammer). The handle is machined on a lathe from hardwood. Inside her drilled the hole for the connecting rod. A way to connect all the parts clear of the Central figure. The free end of the connecting-rod is sharpened “under the screwdriver”..
Installing movable bar freely mounted on a rod handle, the hammer can be turned into a wrench. To fix the throat of the key is in the correct position on the upper end of the strap is set eccentric clamping lever within the longitudinal groove in the connecting rod.
If the connecting rod wear of the movable jaw, which with the help of long screws will move the rod and clamping the part, the hammer transformirovalsya in the clamp.
Hacksaw for cutting metal will work if the handle bar to put on a metal tube, one end of which is rigidly secured to the bracket with tension screw for the saw blade. The second end of the cutter is installed in the slot of the hammer.
Nail-shizouka enshrined in the tops of the clamp, is placed on the handle bar.
As can be seen from the design, With easy additional parts significantly expands the scope of conventional hammer.

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