PEN FOR IPADHandle to a file? What could be easier! Bought, planted a file, and you’re done! Well, if the file is too large size and its shank when the head is just going to break a normal pen? It turns out that the handle for the larger, so-called dracopoli file not so simple.
The proposed design handle simple and requires practically no machining of parts on the machine, with the exception, perhaps, only a stubborn screw. However, if you wish, you can also pick up or remodel of your existing in your home Studio hardware.
Two main structural element is a housing and wooden handle. The body is made of aluminum. As tools in its manufacture and processing used a hacksaw, files and a drill. The slot under the shank should make it fairly large if you have one large file, but with slightly different dimensions — not to do the same for him a new pen. Thread the set screw cut into the tap.
The handle is made from 12 mm Board and processed cloth. Varnish it can not cover, as when working it will buff right out by hand. As the material for the handle can also be used and 10-12 mm molded plywood.
Handle Assembly.
Handle Assembly:
1 — file, 2 — lever, 3 — resistant screw, 4 — body, 5 — stick (tree), 6 — screws.
In the housing drilled two through holes Ø 5 mm for handle fixing screws. For this purpose you can use small bolts of suitable length, but in this case openings in the case need to drill together with handle.
The set screw is made of steel. On his head, it is desirable to apply knurling. Then it will be easier to tighten by hand and arm need only to tighten.
The lever is a steel rod. Use it as a nail is not desirable, as it is too soft and will bend pretty quickly.

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