HOMEMADE SAWMILLThe idea is to share my experience with the readers of “M-K” came to me after reading in No. 2, 1991, notes In Cmaha catching “a Plane on the rails” I Believe that in contrast to the above my design “rails” more comfortable and versatile, and time-tested. The basis of the frame of our “bench” consists of two steel channel with a length of 8 meters and a height of 140-150 mm…For “the same purpose you can use two rails, turning their soles to the top, or corners 50 X100 mm. Workpiece must be perfectly straight. One in cov ω distance in height and with a pitch of about 1…1.5 meters for all channel length RTSD drilled holes with a diameter of 14…16 mm.

The number of the resulting hole made tie — segments of water pipe 3/4 length 250 mm. For connection of tie channels used with bolts or threaded studs with a length of 290 ..340 mm, depending on the selected materials. Collected together the guides are installed on the rack, checked or collected at the M12 bolt from corners, pipes or channels in the Number of racks is determined by the length of the bed; in the described embodiment, with a length of 8 meters 4 pieces last stand are at a distance of 600… 1000 mm from the ends of the guides. To give the frame the desired rigidity braces are placed.
Because of the rather significant weight of the frame it should be collected directly at the place of its future installation. To ensure the horizontal rails are laid under the rack bars, boards, and where necessary, podsalivaya the ground.
The next node “sawmill” — movable cart. It is made of steel plate with a thickness of 4. .6 mm. Length of truck is approximately 600 mm (it depends on the size of the used motor) and the width should be such that Krav truck went over the guide channels UNTIL about mm on each side. By selecting the thickness of the shims and clamping plates, the cart provides the possibility of free movement along the entire length of the guides. Make sure that the gap was minimal. The thickness of the package of spacers should be 0.5 mm greater than the thickness of the shelf channel. Cinch the gaskets and clamping plate using eight M8 bolts. To eliminate a transverse backlash from the bottom to the base truck provorachivaetsya bolt-on end area 40 X 40 mm. you Can put the cart on rollers, YPD bearings (such as in the design Chmykhalov) on Top of the cart are two of the welded area for mounting the motor.
To move the truck with ustanovenimi her engine and the circular saw serves the purpose I used from the unit. It must be tightened to eliminate free play of the wheel the Latter is mounted on one of the sleeves deviatiarov stars, located on the edges of the guides.
Homemade sawing machine
Homemade sawing machine:
1—ivestock the mechanism of” moving gelijk (Z=9,2 PCs.), 2— the goal (with a/C cars). 3 — truck. 4—electric motor (220 V, 10 kW), 5 — circular saw with a diameter of 1000 mm. 6 — bracket (4 PCs), 7 — bracing (4 PCs.). 8 corner reinforcement (steel 40X40 mm), 9 — frame of frame (steel, area 50X50 mm) 10—the guide (channel No. 150. 2 PCs), 11 — wheel, 12 extension shaft motors, 13— washer clamping diameter 350х50 mm (2 PCs.). 14 – nut fastener M42, 15— clamp (area 40 × 40 mm 2 PCs.). 16—arm (2 PCs), 17 — eccentric (2 PCs). 18 – hose retractable 0-10 mm (2 PCs.) 19 — rack (2 PCs.). 20 — the cradle (timber 100X100 mm 3 PCs.). 21 — pinch bolt M12 (4 holes) 22 — coupling (pipe tap. 4 PCs.)
On the main view of us,any not shown rack with clamps and lodgements.

Easy handling provides the device fixation of the processed logs. They are made of pipes with an internal diameter of approximately 35 to 40 mm, which are inserted in a freely movable rod, scopolamine at the desired height with M8 screw on Top of the bars are the clamps (from the area 40X40MM) and Cam mechanisms of the clamp. The length of the clamps relative to the distance from the line of cutting must be not less than 15 mm.
Of course the heart of any machine — the motor and Linden. I was lucky enough to purchase the electric motor with a capacity of 10 kW and a saw with a diameter of 1 meter: it is for them and made the whole structure. But do not worry if you cannot get the same units — make the bed smaller, its dimensions commensurate with the available components.
To work on the machine is simple: a log laid on the bed and fixed clips: including the electric motor and turning the wheel move the trolley, making the saw cut smooth and long. To move the trolley in one and in the other direction it is only Necessary to ensure that the saw was always sharp and, of course, be following the safety rules
Such a “sawmill” you can get the timber chopping block. boards and slats of almost any size. If you put a little bit of timbers or boards and “drive” the saw — you will get EA a few minutes several excellent edging boards of the same size.
A. MOORE, S. Pleshka, Tyumen region.

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