MICROLAENAModelers often have certain difficulties in acquiring light and noiseless gears, wheels, propeller, and propeller and other parts for improvised structures. At the same time, these problems can be avoided if prudent, businesslike now use a throw away to landfill discarded, worn-out nylon products, old plastic items and other “synthetic stuff”.

Here will rescue its microlaena, turning industrial and domestic plastic waste into durable, elegant, attributable first to the category of scarce goods. The more that you can equip it to your desktop, as experience shows, every fan of tinkering with your own hands.
The first thing required for the development of home technology of moulding of plastic materials under pressure, is press. Could not be better suited here school press, commercially available. If they have not been found, use homemade. For example, a screw, an acceptable design option which can be found in binders “M-K” over the past years. The role of the melting device will perform the usual hot plate. Will be found at home and a suitable bath of water-cooler. With the raw material too, apparently, won’t be a problem. Well and the mold injection device is easy to fabricate enthusiasts on approved drawings (see figure). Dimensions, of course, can be taken by others. An important principle of the idea.
Further loud and clear. The injection device is installed on is plugged in the hotplate and heated to 180-200°C. In the slave cylinder under the piston laid the feedstock. A telltale sign of readiness and completion of heating of the plastic is samovydvizheniya melt through a syringe-a hole in the piston. Top then on the injection device set the desired mold. And in such a way that its bottom opening coinciding with the hole in the piston. In this position the two of them together placed in a press and produce compression.
The mold for molding disc wheels The mold for molding disc wheels
The mold for molding disc wheels:
1 — eliminator, 2 — cylinder, 3 — upper cover 4 lower cover.

Injection device
Injection device:
1 – cylinder, 2 a piston, 3, is the syringe hole.

The scheme of the technological process of moulding of plastic parts
Flowchart of casting parts made of plastic:
1 — injection molding device, 2 — unit, 3 — school, 4 — mold on a molding device, 5 — bath with water for cooling mold, 6 — disassembly of the mold 7 is removed, the finished product, 8 — assembling of the mold.

Entering the cylinder, the piston pushes the melt through the injection hole and the injection hole in the mold. Fill last to the limit, the plastic starts to come out through the inspection hole, indicating that the casting process is finished. The mold after cooling in a water bath dismantled and removed the finished product. If necessary, repeat the whole process for the proposed scheme.
A. CHERNOUSOV, head of the laboratory autocrossover modeling, Perm

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