A NEW PROFESSION DRILLSNowadays, the drill is not uncommon. Drill a hole in the concrete wall or polished metal part having a cartridge holder with a felt circle — in such cases it is indispensable. Wooden disk glued with a cloth will help you Polish any flat item, and if between the skin and the drive to lay the foam, you can tear off the old varnish from the floor, grind the surface of complex shape.

All this is widely known profession drill. And today we will talk about using the drill as a universal drive of the three instruments.
The fret — saw attachment to drill. Base it is a U-shaped bracket cut from steel sheet of thickness 3 mm. of Skebe with clamp (steel sheet with thickness of 2 mm) is attached to the drill. To each of the ends of the spring brackets riveted strips with a thickness of 0.8 mm. At the ends of the clips to nail files. They can be cut from steel sheet of thickness 1,5 mm. Drinking ka is driven by a crank, bent from steel rod Ø 8 mm. the Rod is made of steel strip thickness of 2 mm.
The jigsaw
Universal console
Universal console

Keep a jigsaw during the work in hand does not make sense, it is quite heavy. It is best to clamp the drill in a bench vise, and workpiece material to be placed on a small plywood table.
Electronova depicted in the following figure, sawing materials such as plywood, sheet plastic, aluminum. The device is a little more complicated, but it is quite possible to do in a school workshop with at least the lathe.
The primary node type — housing consisting of cylindrical part with thread on one end and a conical portion with sawn through along the axis of the hole of square section. The conversion of rotational movement of the cartridge in the reciprocating movement of the tool is carried out using a cylindrical Cam: clips of under shank electric drill Chuck. Inside the cage are nested two slanted tube, the clearance between which serves as a guiding groove for pin — a cylindrical pin pressed into slide block of square cross section. The outer end of the slide has a slit in it is inserted a piece of saw blade.
Universal console, shown in the last picture, is elektrozapalom, and electrosamba, and elektronozhovkoy.
As in the previous case, the main Assembly fixture — chiseled duralumin case and secured to drill four screws. The cartridge is clamped in a stepped roller, which is planted and fixed with two screws cut the steel tube with a notched end. Depending on the number of revolutions on the shaft of the drill on the end of the tubing are cut or two polovica helix, or one full revolution.
The same segment of the tube is inserted in the clip — steel pipe with thread ka one end. The clip is screwed on the tip, with hole for interchangeable tool — chisel, jumper or nail file.
Universal console works in the following way. When you turn the cartridge to drill a steel tube with a notched end, mounted on a stepped shaft, moves longitudinally reciprocal part (the tube with notched end fixed in the holder). While compressed sufficiently powerful return spring. Next is slipping polovikov to its original position, the return spring with a force toilet clip with tip and tool forward, producing a stroke. Then the cycle repeats again.
We talked only about three adaptations to the electric drill. The possibility of a universal drive for a variety of home stanochki truly endless.

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