SCREEN Again getting popular pretty ancient, but timeless furniture design for home comfort — screen. Indoors she was fenced off area of the patient; modestly covered shy of dress; served simply with a partition separating a living area in the room from the other. When it was not desired — developed in a flat pack, without disturbing anyone and without taking up virtually no storage space, being tucked away in a closet or placed on the balcony. But in this latest version of its screen location, it turned out, not only can be, but also to perform, according to the Hungarian magazine “Earmaster” even a new feature, competing with the now popular Windows.


The fact that the arrangement of the balcony requires a special permit and clearance. The most modest glazing material today not everyone, and not always it is necessary just to hide from the wind or party eyes the next balcony able and old screen. And not necessarily take advantage of the existing room structure: it for balcony light and unstable. It is not difficult to collect a special outdoor version, which is more to answer the specifics of this “space” at the right time will always be at hand.


Special features


The balcony screen is different from the room primarily to the fact that it cannot be moved: it is “tied” to one place and attached to the wall of the building, the wall at the balcony door. This period will dictate the width of the folds of the screen, because when it is not needed, the screen is leaning against the wall. Her screen is attached through a wooden rack that is installed with the edge of the pier with dowels in the prepared holes in the wall and screwed them screws. Connecting elements between the screen and stand are the hinges (or fortochny, if the design is easy enough). The same loop (two-three pieces at the joint) are interconnected and the leaf (or section) of the screen, the number of which can typically be three or four.




Each leaf represents a simple frame from bruskov by section 20×40 mm: two racks with a height of about 2 m and two connecting them cross-members, the length of which depends mainly on the width of a pier. In the middle of the frame there is another auxiliary cross bar, giving the frame extra rigidity and strength. In addition, due to the cross disappears is not very comfortable the need for the center of the screen: the frame can have a shorter upper and lower panels of hardboard, plywood or even decorative fabric (nailed to the frame with wooden glazing beads, and small nails).




As already mentioned, the main reference (wall) rack fastens to the wall with screws (screws) in a plastic or wooden dowels (with glue).


In order not to complicate the design of the sash (frame and panels), all plates are held together by the most common carpentry joints. Frame parts — the usual angular bindings or medial pads vpoldereva (as an option — plug-in round thorns-shkantami). The same simplified approach to the installation on the frame of each sash filling its “window” inserts (whether rigid or fabric). For them, the perimeter of the upper and lower Windows are nailed beadings, imposed on them a corresponding insert and also on the perimeter is attached extra bead.

Balcony screen


Balcony screen:

1 — doorway;

2 — a wall;

3 — wall front (timber 20x40x2000 mm);

4 — door hinge (3 PCs.);

5 — fold screens (3 pieces):

6 — balkanaeastia;

7 — fold cross member (20×40 mm);

8 — insert the screen (hardboard, plywood);

9 — Vostochnye loop (6 PCs.);

10 — beadings.


When all the leaf thus prepared, it is possible to consistently “hang” them: the first leaf using the hinges on the wall supporting the rack, then fold this also loops the next, repeating the operation until the completion of the build screen.




Because all the main parts of the screen is made of wood, and processing them into decorative and protective terms must be typical to work with this material. First and foremost, protection from moisture: in fact, “chained” to the wall, the screen will be exposed to all atmospheric phenomena — from the morning dew to rain in summer and autumn, snow and thaws mixed with the cold in the winter-spring period. Therefore the first and necessary step finish — as should all cover the heated drying oil (natural, with thorough drying). This can be done even with fabric inserts “Windows” screen. And no matter how tempting it was to cover the wood with varnish, it is better to paint oil or enamel paint masters preferred colors (though bright more colorful, “fun”). Of course, it would be nice to guess the weather so that everything had time to dry, especially because it is preferable to paint in several layers with intermediate drying.


It is possible to err and to carry out painting works to the General Assembly, in the room — but provided that you can easily carry the smell of paint.


The balcony screen is good will lovers of flowers and plants that periodically (or all summer) to expose them to fresh air or under the life-giving rain: the screen will protect the plants from the inevitable bad weather of wind.



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