LADDER-CHUDESNITSAAny country house or cottage without a ladder, there simply will not: it is needed during the house construction, house repairs, and also in the care of the garden. However, use for all this, it is not always equally convenient: no ladder, for example, is practically useless in the repair of the roof; and Vice versa, long and completely unusable when pruning of trees, removal of fruit or the interior finishing works. We offer Hungarian magazine “Earmaster” design devoid of these shortcomings — it could serve as a ladder, and if necessary “stretch” in the conventional ladder. For making need Board section 30X70 mm for racks and 25X50 mm for the beams. These dimensions should be considered the minimum; to determine their need in each case independently depending on quality and timber species and also weight someone have to climb.

The universal staircase.
Universal ladder:
1 — tie (steel rod Ø 6 mm, 4 PCs.), 2 — clamp (steel, 4 PCs.), 3 — lining (steel, 2pcs), 4 — strip with the axis, 5 — plate (steel, 8 PCs.), 6 — (30х70х1800 mm, 4-piece), 7 — rail (25x50x515 mm — 5 PCs., 25x50x450 mm — 6 PCs.), 8 — chain, 9 — hook (2 pieces) 10 — washer (2 PCs.).
Rails are joined to the uprights in a spike, with the greasing of joints carpentry or epoxy glue. After Assembly of the sections on the racks are mounted on the screws of the clamps bent from steel sheet of thickness 1,5…2 mm and plates with the axes. As the last used bolts M8—10, welded to the steel strips at a distance of 90 mm from each other. Under the nuts it is necessary to enclose washers, and nuts resciniti. Additional rigidity, and hence the safety of using the stairs attach installed on each section of the screed of steel rod with a diameter of 6 mm. After viskazivaniya wooden elements are covered with varnish or paint. An important extension ladder — detachable chain (against the spread legs in the ladder).
The transformation of an ordinary stepladder in the staircase
Turning the ladder into a regular ladder.
Performance of exterior repairs using ladders.
Performing exterior repairs using ladders.

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