VISE IN THE CLAMPNo manual clutches are difficult to handle small parts. However, they are not all easy: “the production process” occurs on weight, what kind of accuracy.
What if to fix the vise? Figuring, I decided to stop using them in a universal clamp, which could be used to fix small items (parts, circuit boards of radio equipment, wire soldering) in any position.
A support clip serves as a solid base. I machined it from a piece of stainless steel (hereinafter, used stainless steel), the conical surface is polished, and the reference stuck a felt ring, to avoid damaging the Desk top. In the neck of 14 mm Ø drilled a hole with M5 threaded tripod mount under the camera, which is occasionally used — base has become universal.
On the neck is worn on the lower clamp with a stepped clamping hole. It is inserted into the hollow stand bolt, which is threaded coil spring Ø 10 mm. the Spring is pressed against the flange of the bolt and prevents loosening of the nut with a cylindrical knurled head locking in the desired position the hollow rack.
The latter is a head, which is pressed by the step up. Top tube machined to Ø 14 mm and cut along and across the axis. On the formed neck is put on the top clamp with the screw having a knurled head. It serves for fixation of the shaft with a hand grip in the desired position.
1 — base 2 — lower clamp, 3 — nut, knurled, 4 — hollow strut, 5 — screw, knurled, 6 — upper clamp, 7 — shaft with knurling, 8, manual vise, 9 — head, 10 — screw-regulator, 11 — hole for M5 tripod camera.
The shaft I is also provided with a knurling in order that by rotating it to the cone tip, together or apart the jaws, the shank of which is screwed into a threaded hole of the tip.
Vertical movement of the workpiece is provided (though in a small range) screw-regulator. At the same time it does not give the shaft to fall out of the hollow stand. Fixing vertically is the same top clamp. All of these parts are chrome-plated after fabrication. Of them assembled universal clamp looks very elegant. I use it for several years, he enjoys his work.
C. RYBAS, p. Novopetrivske, Moscow region

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