GYM IN THE APARTMENTEven in a small room it is possible to allocate a place under a sports area, as required for the normal development of the child. “Club Home of the Masters” already familiar with similar structures; today, we offer another option, made entirely of wooden parts.

Interest in the “stadium” in the apartment huge. It is especially necessary for families with small children. This is understandable — because as soon as the baby was on the legs and made the first independent steps, his work becomes unmanageable. And the joy of parents turn into a constant hassle and legwork for their child — as if something is not done. The old worries associated only with the observance of “bed rest”, seem lighter and more relaxed.
To take a child at this moment of his life, but also to instill in him from childhood a love of physical education will help a small home integrated simulator. To buy this in the store while it is possible not all; to make yourself the type of industrial — also available not for everyone. Scares and scarcity of materials, and DIY machinery.
Offer readers a simple children’s sports complex for the manufacture of which only need a few boards, cuttings of different diameter for shovels sold in hardware stores, basic skills in carpentry work. Is the best cheap birch boards well-planed, they will not leave splinters in the bodies of young athletes.
The system design is shown in the figure. Specific values for the dimensions depend on the height of the room and dedicated sportaholic square. The frame is assembled from boards section 30Х80 mm.
Home complex.
Home sports complex:
1 — rope, 2 — “spiderweb” 3 — bar Ø 40 mm (3 PCs.), 4 — top rail (Board 30X80 mm), 5 — “the creeper” (nylon cord Ø 12…15 mm), 6 — beam, 7— pole Ø 60 mm, 8 — swing, 9 — ladder 10 — mounting bracket (2 PCs), 11 — hanging ladder, 12 — rings.
To start work better with “webs”. In the vertical uprights of the frame are selected grooves with a depth of 10 mm and the holes are drilled with a diameter of 8 mm with a step of 100 mm. the same holes are made in the crossbars. The upper ends of the uprights on the back side fastened to the third cross member. Frame assembled with glue and screws tightened through the holes of a conventional nylon cord for drying clothes. At first, he passed through holes in vertical framing members, and then horizontally, making knots in the crosshairs.
For production of stairs in the other two pillars along the entire length every 200 mm apertures, which is a casein glue are fixed in the crossbar — cuttings with a diameter of 25…30 mm, cropped to the required size. To attach the ladders to trim the top on the racks selected grooves 30Х80 mm.
Responsible parts — the crossbar of the upper frame serving for the suspension of sports equipment. They should be made from cuttings with a diameter of not less than 40 mm.
The complex set in the corner of the room. Frame the upper frame is attached with wooden dowels to the walls by long screws (about 100 mm), and the base of the uprights through the metal squares to the floor. To screws screwed without much effort, they must be pre-twist in the commercial soap or ski ointment.
After manufacturing all parts should be thoroughly sanded, and then coat two or three times with varnish with intermediate drying.
For children’s amusements on the crossbar are suspended ring, rope, pole, trapeze, rope ladder, rubber “creepers”. In the classroom under the shells preferably homemade foam mats with a thickness of 200…300 mm.
And if we add structure and hung the crib, the complex will become a universal children’s corner. For the frame come from pine slats 25X60 mm cross-section and 15X45 mm. one is the frame size 600Х1250…1500 mm (in accordance with the growth of the child). Protective grilles are assembled from strips mm and 15X15 mm. 15Х30 Mat made of foam with a thickness of 25…30 mm size of the frame and is sheathed with a protective cover of the tapestry.
Of course, the shells can be hung in another way, instead of “webs” pattern stairs “real” Swedish wall. In any case, the child will have a lot of fun, and the parents more time to household chores.

A. SAMSONOV, Kostroma

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