A device for sharpening cutters of the disk provides the necessary accuracy and uniformity of treatment of each tooth. It allows you to accurately fix the cutter relative to machine tool — grinding wheel. The fixture is mounted on the table of a milling machine and is fixed with two screws M8.

The cutter is placed on the seat and clamped round nut up to the stop into the threaded bushing. The protrusion of the retainer must be located in the cavity of the tooth.
Grinding – circle mounted on the shaft vertical milling machine (safety fence provided).
Rotation of the arms transverse and longitudinal feed, as well as lift the table of the machine, the cutter is fed to the grinding circle of the tooth which is to be processed and is relative to the wheel, providing the desired angle of cut. Further relative position of cutter and the cutting tool is not changed. Sharpening occurs when the longitudinal movement of the table.
Fig. 1. The scheme of installation of the holder for the cutters on the machine.
Fig. 1. The scheme of installation of the holder for the cutters on the machine.
Fig. 2. Fixture assy
Fig. 2. Fixture assy
Fig. 2. Fixture Assembly:
1 — arm (CT. 20), 2 — Bush (St. 40), 3 — screw (Art. 45), 4 — spigot (Art. 40), 5 — cutter (diameter up to 100 mm), 6 — nut, 7 — pin (PT. 45), 8 — rod (PT. 40), 9 — spring, 10 — Foundation (PT. 20), 11 — oiler.

Setting for each of the next tooth is in the following order: the handle is released, and is discharged from the engagement of the latch; the cutter is rotated one tooth, and again fixed; arm drags; included longitudinal feed of the machine.
The device can be recommended for implementation not only at stations of young technicians and in workshops, but also for enterprises having for this purpose special equipment.

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