In Amateur practice it is often necessary to assemble temporary circuits and soldering details “stuck” (as a welder). While in one hand the wizard tweezers, soldering iron in the other; item, to which it is necessary to solder the other element or conductor, “spinning” on the table: — need a “third hand”. Proposals on this subject abound in scientific and popular technical journals. For example, in the form of two clamps mounted on a tripod, or gum, and then just a small grip.

In the journal “modelist-Konstruktor” for such a case was offered pliers with carpal expander called “Vise-impromptu”. In addition to the known proposed another version of the pliers with the spring on the ends of the handles.
In the Studio home of the wizard will surely find a suitable spring to put them on the handles of pliers for fixing the clamping parts.

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