TRIHOMONATIDNYI TABLEThis machine will be your helper, if you’re into modeling or just like tinkering. Even at home, you often need to cut the rail and otfugovat it or sharpen tool — all these operations “on the back” made by me machine. It’s small — the dimensions 80X180X360 mm, so it is convenient to store in the apartment.

The machine housing is assembled from plywood. The side walls from desyatiletnego, the front (which is attached to the motor) with a thickness of 16 mm, and the rear of chetyrehkilometrovoy sheet. To be able to pull the drive belt by moving the motor, I made the front wall inclined (at an angle of 60° to the base). The machine table also plywood from a sheet thickness of 4 mm. All housing parts are fastened on the screws.
Driving and driven pulleys turned on a lathe from aluminum. Not the axles they are fixed by two M3 screws each. The spindle consists of three parts — a Central and two lateral. They are all made of steel rod Ø 6 mm. the spindle Rotates in two bearings with inner ring diameter of 4 mm.
The saw blade I cut from the cloth of an old hacksaw on wood. Its technology is simple. Scribing the compass drawn on the canvas of two circles — one Ø 60 mm (outer diameter of the disk), the second in Ø 56 mm (circumference of the tooth). After processing the disc at the outer contour of a triangular needle file cut teeth and threw them in the same way as it is done on the handsaw for cutting timber.
Grinding wheel, trapped in my possession had an inner diameter of 13 mm, so the spindle had to be put using a spacer. It should be borne in mind that sandpaper circles there is a great variety, so the size of the sleeve should be determined by your. Try only to its external diameter did not exceed 60 mm.
A structural diagram of a woodworking machine
A structural diagram of a woodworking machine
A structural diagram of a woodworking machine
A structural diagram of a woodworking machine:
1 — impeller, 2 — motor, 3 — table, 4 — rail, 5 — grinding wheel, 6 — disc blades, 7 — spindle (A — Central part, B — side part), 8 — a driven pulley, 9 — bearing, 10 — drum planer 11 — belt 12 — side panel 13 — drive pulley.

Engine wall — electric sewing machine, its working voltage 220 V power 20 W and the rotational speed 4550 rpm to prolonged operation, the engine does not overheat, not the free shaft end, it is useful to put a small impeller fan.
The mechanical plane is a steel roller Ø 26 mm with inner hole M6. In progressirovanii drum grooves with a width of 1 mm. without further ADO, the knives I took from pencil sharpeners — they are perfectly suited for this purpose. In the drum they are fixed by two M3 screws each.

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