UNLOADS THE AIR...A considerable amount of manual labor required unloading bulk materials from open railway platforms. They increase especially in the off-season, when the materials can regedit. This leads to complex and costly discharge, and often to excess downtime rolling stock.

Now imagine such an unusual picture. To discharge the overpass serves a platform with the cargo. It fits one worker, connects the hose and the cargo, as if by magic, begins to rise, vspuchivanie from the inside, and in a few minutes poured on the sides of the platform, like a spring snow with a gable roof. At this point, found another unexpected detail: the platform stops rising and throwing off the remains of the cargo, something really resembling a gable roof.
Works like the original pneumatic “Jack”-the discharger created in Leningrad innovators for open railway platforms and wagons dump cars. Before loading, they fit like a litter, a kind of rubber tent, which is filled with cargo. When he delivered to the hose “tent” connects the system with compressed air. Shell, puffing, crushes and drops the load. This does not require a lot of pressure — enough of 0.15 bar.
Platform truck
Platform truck:
1 — Board platform, 2 — bottom panel of the shell 3 to the top panel, 4 — load, 5 — line for compressed air.
Scheme platform pneumosystem for unloading are shown in Fig. Shell — type conveyor canvas; it consists of the upper and lower panels, stapled along the perimeter and Packed into the platform. Summed up the bottom supply pipe for compressed air.
Railway platform with such equipment is unloaded over a 4 — 6 min, without the use of manual labor and whatever the time of year, and the state of bulk materials. Interestingly, when nevmerzhytska frozen materials of the time is spent the same, because when lifting the shell a monolith cargo often breaks under its own weight into several large pieces and even if not crushed then, it still rolls off of the platform.
It is estimated that only in the enterprises of construction materials industry of the Leningrad application of this method of discharge gives an economic effect of about 2 million.

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