With all the abundance of modern toys for children from a variety of soft to various Electromechanical and even RC — the kids are still popular favorite, and the simplest, especially if they can be transported by a rope. Among the latter, preference will be given to those that are in motion have their own dynamics: spinning, swinging, waving, or jumping.

It is such a simple but dynamic toy proposal relates Bulgarian magazine “Horizons of technique” wooden Bunny jumping. Unusual toy is that carried away on the rope for a child the figure of the animal on four wheels while driving makes a Bouncing motion, like running obediently for his master.
It can make for a child not only parents but also older siblings — so the design is available in both the manufacture and the materials used and tools.
Only need a thin Board or plywood for the figures of the animal, round the block a little on billet wheels, hand hacksaw and jigsaw Yes, a screwdriver with screws.
The body of the toy
In the figure of the animal has no special secrets — they lie, as we shall see later, in “running gear” toys. For the housings you must first migrate to the plywood or Board with a thickness of about 10 mm are shown figure large—scale grid for the subsequent cutting out jigsaw (of a more delicate material, the toy will turn out less stable in motion). If desired, in the same way you can get any other suitable pattern; for example, a tiger, a goat, dogs — if only they were shown in profile.
After sawing, the resulting contour in the figure it is possible to finish the eyes and drill or burn holes in the area of paws under the axles of the wheels.
The wheel and axle
Of course, you can use any suitable old toys. But it’s better to cut the wheel and axle specifically: wooden will give additional weight to the toy — and hence sustainability.
From round churbachka a diameter of not less than 60 mm hand hacksaw saw off four disc thickness 10 mm, which are drilled the holes for the axis. Moreover, two of them, front — center, the wheel will freely rotate on the screw securing it to the front fixed axis. In the two rear rims of the holes correspond to the diameter axis but is offset from the center to the edge of the circle. Axis they include tightly (with glue), but passes freely through the legs of a hare and rotates together with the wheels, which due to the axis offset work as eccentric, providing the hind legs of a rabbit while driving the Bouncing effect. It creates the illusion that the hare tied the rope, jump for a child.
Bunny jumping:
1 — string; 2 — mount the front wheel (a screw with a washer, 2); 3 — front wheel (wooden disk s10, 2); 4 — hare figurine (Board, plywood, s10); 5 — rear wheel (wooden disk s10, 2 PCs.); 6,7 — rear and front axles (wooden rod, Ø10, 2 PCs.)

Axis toys — wooden rod with a diameter of 10 mm. Length of front — 80 mm rear — 105 mm. So that the figure remained in the middle of the axes and are not shifted to the wheels, the axle on the sides of the legs can be hammered in nails-constraints.
Like any children’s toy described above will look much more advantageous if it is necessary to paint. Oil paint-silver will fit to give the figure of a hare is gray (and white enamel turn it into a “winter” hare). Axis not to paint from the constant friction coating will still be broken. But the wheels can be bright colored or simply green to mimic grass.

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