VISE WITH GEARThis device will serve you well — will facilitate the drilling of holes: in the grip gear grip force and a half times more than usual, which increases the reliability of fastening, and turn the handwheel Udinese than a normal pen. Changing pads (each of them attached to the jaws by two screws M8), it is possible to clamp items of different configuration Maksimalna thickness up to 80 mm. the design of the grip to the gearbox all the parts are quite simple, made of steel of common grades.

First base is welded to the corner guides and fixed the sponge with lining. Separately assemble the movable jaw: screw it to the pad and slider, is inserted into the slot nut-blank range and power screw. All this wear on the guide.
Weld the base of the reducer of several parts: it stops, corners and front of the cheeks; put on the guide by sliding it along the shank of the power shaft through the hole in the stop.
To the power shaft wear washer, a large gear with a dowel of steel 45 and is screwed nut M18.
The following put in place a top shaft with a small gear and washers and the rear side of the reducer, which then are screwed to the ends of the rails with two screws M6.
The design of the grip
The design of the grip:
1 — a fixed jaw (PT. 5), 2 cover plates (Art. 45), 3 — movable jaw (Art. 5), 4 — power screw (PT. 45), 5 — base reducer (Art. 5), 6 — front side (St. 5), 7 — upper shaft (St. 45), 8 — small gear (St. 45), 9 — rear cheek (St. 5), 10 — cover (sheet steel), 11 — handwheel 12 — big gear (St. 45), 13 — M6 screws, 14 — nut (PT. 5), 15 — guide (PT. 5), 16 — slider (Art. 5), 17 — vise base (Art. 5), 18 — nut-stop (PT. 45).

Screw the cover and also thereby finishing the Assembly of the clutches. The latter is attached to the flywheel: it fits over the square shank of the upper shaft and is fixed by an axial screw M6.
To the grip worked fine, should be lubricated during Assembly, all the friction surfaces. This will guarantee their long and faithful service.
V. BEZRUKOV, Vyazemsky, Khabarovsk Krai

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