NOT SO MUCH SAW, HOW MUCH GLUEI wonder how would the heroes of Ilf and Peter, if he knew that the treasures are in the chair, made for one of the modern furniture factories in Moscow m taken out of the context in selling the amount of one million ekzemplyarov! But the most annoying is that even such elementary and simple furniture is not enough, and the price on it jumped to fantastic quantities. “M-K” constantly tells its readers, with minimal cost, but and the same time original and tasteful to organize your life is to make furniture with his hands. And not sang to call the recommended options, and take them only as a basis, modifying and transforming under Soi conditions and possibilities.

For many years the “Club house masters” has become a real encyclopedia, “digging” in which you can find many the various sofas, cabinets, chairs, walls, tables, and a huge number of other necessary in everyday life. Naturally, most of the “quiet development designed for repetition at home, when love La tinkering is under the hands of only the most simple rasprostranennye tools. But you don’t want to do something unusual, different from the usual modern “sharp corners”.
Those who share this point of view, the proposed is for the initial PA to try your hand in making a very original furniture set of coffee table and chair. Their main difference — the presence of curved elements. Such forms with soft silhouettes emphasize the beauty and plasticity of the wood give the interior comfort. If someone pomareda at first glance that to make such designs difficult^ you can calm down — and the simple things singing will make you feel like a master of almost any citizen, not to mention the rural people who work with wood “in the blood”. In addition, the materials used are the most cheap and available today from everything you can think of.
So, let’s look at the principle of obtaining in the home curved elements for a modern “vintage” furniture.
This so-called lamination is a widely known method of manufacture of parts of rounded shapes. It is based on the ability to bend with a fairly small radius thin sheet materials, in particular of strips of plywood. Then glued in the package and is sustained under load for a long period of time, the lines form a monolithic beam of the required forms As practice shows, “pireka” has more strength than “goal-nederevyannyy details.
The lamination process is performed using special devices — template-Tulagi. Outwardly, it resembles a table with the selected holes of the necessary depth, width and shape of the p plan. Pohodyashin material for the template — chipboard with 20 mm thick Design team, very high-tech for Amateur conditions. Pressure pad comprises a lower plate, which plays the role of the base and top plates — inner and outer, each of which, in turn sdou recruited to a thickness of 40 mm of the same two parts. Between parts are held together on a carpenter’s glue and screws
Fig. 1. The process of veclachi curved furniture elements
Fig. 1. The process of veclachi curved furniture elements:
1 – processing of plywood strips. 2 – clamps, 3 – template-pressure pad (DSP)
Fig. 2. Chair design with the use of curved elements
Fig. 2. Chair design with the use of curved elements:
1 – leg armrest (2pcs). 2 – rear leg (2pcs) 3 – side element of the seat frame (2pcs). 4 – the front element of the seat frame (2pcs), 5 – elemet of the backrest (3pcs), 6 – coupling of the seat frame (4pcs.), 7 – seat, 8 – M18 bolt (6pcs.).
Fig. 3. Coffee table
Fig. 3. Coffee table:
1 – leg (2 PCs), 2 – tabletop.
A – the dual legs, B – design options legs of the table.
Now, when ready to snap, you can proceed to the workpiece materials for future pieces of furniture As has been said, the cheapest and easiest option is to use plywood. It can be practically any class, topminnow from 2 to 5 mm And suitable for not only large sheets, but cutting in strips of a width of 40 mm Э0…the Perfect case when you can get strips of the desired length, depending on design); but there will be big trouble if they are composite — lamination so “omnivorous, which allows any worthless stuff to put in the depot.
The best way to increase the length of the band — “mustache”. By the way, is it the same as self laminating, came to Amateur mobilestore of experience in the manufacture of plywood small Ships, where he gained popularity as the best type of adhesive bonding of parts of the external covering. Of course, much easier to connect the plywood pieces in the form of sheets in maximum available size.
In the General case, when connecting it us” every sousuke must be performed at the length at eight to ten times greater than the material thickness. And handling is razor-sharp plane at an angle to a connection line (to someone chit-chipping plywood and veneer). This procedure is performed simultaneously on two joined sheets: they stacked on top of each vstupenky the magnitude of zakuski: the same value is measured on the top sheet and notes in pencil notch — “the beginning of the bevel so that the sheets are not shifted during operation, they are held on by small nails or clamped to a workbench with clamps at the edges
Making aawsome, the joints lubricated with carpenter’s glue, combine the leaves and placed the joint under a press. As the latter can be used DM quite a powerful beam, tightened clamps. If skeiverio large sheets, pay attention to the middle of the junction: place additional bends |weights, dumbbells, massive iron or a pot of water)— otherwise narola.
Now, with the plywood blanks of the desired length, they should dissolve in the strip. The width of the stripes is determined by the intended design of the product. For our version of the chair and table, it may be 30…35 mm.
Prepared as described above materials, you can proceed directly to lamination. The strip is applied carpenter’s glue or epoxy: they fit a pattern-colage and the package tightly compressed by the clamps To hinder the excess Kea didn’t ruin the pattern and not glued it with detail, it is desirable to use a protective layer of plastic film After full cure the adhesive, the workpiece is extracted from Tulagi and subjected to further processing: the Stripping of the side surfaces, removing glue stains and cutting to length.
All the remaining Assembly work on the chair and table are so clear that PI should describe them in detail — the ACE is clear from the drawings and paintings Suggest a approach to this business creatively and to dream a little. For example, a table for ri ures are shown for clues several possible variants of its design and structures of his legs; and every master is sure to be their best. Decorative trim also depends on the taste of the master and overall design of the house.
The proposed technology of manufacturing curved elements of furniture in Amateur conditions applies not only to build a coffee table or chair. With its help it is possible to make, for example, a Suite consisting of a sofa with original semicircular headboards, chairs, four or six (maybe twelve!] chairs in addition to “using templates to wakaki allows you to alter the whole look of the apartment. For example, how you love: coming to a modern, model building, lots of”also — to get into the interior of the middle ages with vaulted ceilings and lamps chandeliers NV bent legs on the walls)
Prepared by S. PAVLOV.

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