With a sidecar AND TRAILER

I read in the journal “modelist-Konstruktor” No. 12 1992 publication A. Tatarnikova from Ust-Kamenogorsk “Compliant trailer”. She told me the decision, at first glance, quite ordinary, and the understanding of the almost insoluble problem: how to equip a motorcycle with a sidecar in this trailer that would move him rut in a rut?

The idea to make a trailer to your “IZH-Jupiter” Mature I have. However, the embodiment of ideas held back just the circumstances described in that article. I think it will be useful to recall them again.
The difficulty is not the manufacturer of the trailer and connect it to the motorcycle. The fact that the housing side of the stroller makes it difficult to placement of the coupling unit on its frame in the middle of the track. Also in this connection the wheel with great effort starts with the drive to pull to the right. To avoid these problems, the coupling node has to move closer to the motorcycle.
However, the trailer also moves to the left and its track does not match track of the motorcycle. This vzaimoporozhdeniya parts Motopista impedes the movement on unpaved roads, complicates swerving and turning left, forcing the driver to follow the trailer in the road with oncoming traffic, especially on narrow roads.
Accommodation hitch of the trailer
Accommodation hitch of the trailer:
1. Hitch placed in the middle of the track trailer tracks trailer and motorcycle do not match!
2. Hitch offset — moves the trailer skid
3. Hitch and axles off the track bike and trailer match

General view trailer
General view of the trailer:
1 — ball joint coupling node; 2— pole; 3 — reflector (4 PCs); 4 — Board (plywood s 16); 5 — mud flap (steel, sheet s2, 2 items); 6 — lantern FP-132 (2); 7 — the handle of the rear wall (2); 8 — wheel 3.5 to 18″ (from a motorcycle “IZH”); 9—bracket stand (steel, lists); 10 — front (tube 20×20); 11 — socket ONTs-EXT 1-7; 12 — safety chain; 13 — mounting bracket mud flap (steel, strip 40×5, 6 PCs); 14 — axle; 15 — splash guard (rubber s5, 2 PCs.)



1 —pole (tube 42×4); 2 — solitaire (sheet s3, 10pcs); 3 — cosina (tube 40×20); 4 — cross member (tube 40×20, 4 pieces); 5 — spar (tube 40×20, 2); 6— rack flanges (pipe 20×20, 8 items); 7 — brackets (steel plate s5); 8 — pipe torsion axle (PD-65); 9— brace (pipe 40×20, 4 PCs.); — the torsion shaft (from PD-65, 2); 11 — the lever of the torsion shaft with the axis of the wheel (from PD-65, 2); 12 — support leg (pipe 40×20, 2 PCs.)

Technical data trailer
The conclusions are valid when the coupling node is in the plane of symmetry of the trailer. If you try to combine a rut of motorcycle and single axle trailer shift the docking station to the left, making a steel pole, while riding the trailer will tend to turn right, moving Hughes, darting from side to side. Such trips are not only difficult, but dangerous as well.
To reduce the impact of rotating force (and even eliminate) A. Tatarnikov found the original design decision, setting the wheels of the trailer are not on the same axis, and shifting them relative to each other (right ahead of left). The offset he is defined purely geometrically: perpendicular from the clutch Assembly the line connecting the touch points of the wheels with the road surface, need to divide this line in half.
I decided to use the idea of A. Tatarnikova and also to make a trailer to your motorcycle. Having estimated own possibilities and sorting through the available units, details and materials, thought about his design. Guided by the fact that, firstly, it is possible to do without purchase details, and second, to minimize the volume of turning works. I managed to do that. Having a welder, electric drill and small tools, manufactured trailer home.
The main change I had to design a trailer for axle and wheel suspension.
Wheel suspension — torsion type. It was constructed from the frames of two old side trailers PD-65, which were installed earlier on a motorcycle “IZH-u-2K”. To do this, cut off from the frame on the transverse tube with the torsion bar Assembly. One tube was rotated 180° and rigidly welded on the other. Turned double axle trailer with independent suspension both wheels.
Trailer wheel (in contrast to the prior art, they are from a motorcycle “Rising”) is interchangeable with the motorcycle wheels of the tractor. Each installed on the axis in two bearings series 203. From the same bike used brake blocks. Mud flaps home-made, welded of steel sheet of thickness 2 mm. the Bracket flaps are made of steel strips with a width of 40 and a thickness of 5 mm.
The back of a trailer carrying. The frame is metal, is welded from square tubes of cross section 20×20 mm body Plating — its bottom and side walls of plywood thickness 16 mm Sheathing to the frame attached with screws and wood screws.
To ensure traffic safety at night mounted on the trailer two lantern FP-132 (Parking lights, turn signals and brake lights in one unit). They gave the trailer a solidity and an almost factory appearance. The electrical system of the trailer connected to the bike via the single-wire scheme via cable with connector ONTs-EXT 1-7 at the end of the drawbar.
The towing device performed the same as on the trailer A. Tatarnikova, slightly simplifying the locking part, and wedged it between the pinch bolts, which is regulated by the track width between the wheels of the motorcycle and sidecar.
Design of the coupling node
The design of the coupling site:
1 —pull (tube 40×40); 2 castle; 3 — oiler; 4 — ball joint; 5 — attachment to the drawbar; 6 — pin-retainer

The trailer has become an indispensable assistant in garden construction. Particularly pleased with his “obedience” and. what it is exactly — in the tracks — moving motorcycle.
In conclusion, a few tips for those who want to repeat my experience.
For the operation of the trailer on public roads is required the registration in traffic police. But first, the trailer must undergo evaluation, and its owner is the manufacturer to obtain a document confirming that his design is safe. Such examination can be carried out by territorial organizations of the all-Russia society of motorists (BOA) and other accredited expert organizations. In addition to this conclusion, the traffic police is required to submit on the number units, confirming the right of ownership.
By exploiting the trailer, the owner should check before each ride its technical condition. When driving to observe the increased attention and caution as motopoint already does not have the maneuverability of a motorcycle with a sidecar. The braking distance is significantly larger, but hard braking should be avoided. It is probably superfluous to recall that transport people in the trailer are strictly prohibited.
Y. KHOLMOGOROV, And W e V s K I, Udmurtia

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