Sorry, when intensive work on the preparation of the model or sample furniture negated by poor-quality color. Look at this product — plain, brush marks, air bubbles, clots…
Once my friend gave me a homemade spray gun, commonly called a spray gun. It was rough (even the choke was off), splashed and often clogged. But I liked inherent in its design idea: he worked from ordinary automobile pump.

I decided to improve the gun. Increased the diameter of spray from 8 to 10 mm; hole diameter: 0.8 mm spray head was adjusted to 1 mm so that the fitting does not fall off, reinforced soldering bracket.
The advantages of the new gun was obvious: it is no longer “spat” with a large change in pressure; a cloud of spray enamel you can increase or decrease until it disappears. Adjustable spray head has the opportunity to achieve the smallest spray paint. The coating was smooth and of high quality. To work this gun was a pleasure.
The principle of the tool is conventional. The air from the pump under pressure is fed into the bottle of ink through the nozzle and tube of spray. Paint in the feed tube rises to the outlet and meets with the air flow entering the spray head. At a certain adjustment of the head arises the necessary vacuum and paint was sprayed. The desired degree of atomization is achieved by fixing the head in place with the nut.
1 — spray 2 — spray head (brass); 3 — locking nut (brass); 4 — bushing-tube (vacuum rubber); 5 — feed pipe (copper, d4x0,5, 1,350 mm); 6 — bottle.

1 —air pipe (copper pipe 10×1,25); 2 — fitting (copper pipe 8×1); 3 — clip (copper, sheet s0,5 mm); 4 — copper wire (d0,5, 10 turns).

The manufacture of such airbrush nepredstavlyaet much difficulty — only requires accuracy and precision.
The sequence of operations can be. The tube of the spray gun is repeated to anneal. Bend it as shown and cut thread. Drill a hole for the fitting. To solder it with the brackets and wire solder POS-40. The bottom of the tube gun with light taps of a hammer to enter the feed tube so that it is from the thread came into 5-6 mm. to Solder them in the locations shown in the figure. Your fingers on the spray gun (in place of the regulation), to ensure that the feed tube was in the centre where is screwed a spray head. Install the sleeve-tube of elastic rubber (as a preset, you can take the cut vacuum hose). Remains to put on the fitting is a hose from the pump, pour in a bottle of 0.33 liters of filtered enamel (approximately 200 g) and insert the spray tube into the neck of the bottle airbrush ready for work.
To paint it like this: one hand to hold the bottle and another pump to pump the air. But if possible, it is best to use a foot pump. The hose preferably extend up to 3 metres — it will help to a certain extent to stabilize the air pressure. And quite good, if you can find the compressor.
After finishing painting, thoroughly rinse the airbrush. It is enough to rearrange it into another bottle with solvent and a little spray of this solvent (with certain precautions) to clear the channels through which the moving paint.
Such tools I have made and they all work fine. Paint can enamel type NTS, ML, as well as varnishes and oil paints. Airbrush is able to work successfully as a garden sprayer. But it is especially indispensable for touch-up damaged areas of the car.
B. POVALYAEV, Yelets, Lipetsk region.


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