ALL FOR AUTOMOBILEEvery year produced more cars. Today while driving to meet a man of almost any profession – the engineer, doctor, architect and worker, farmer and teacher. On how to properly operate the vehicle, i.e. when to change the oil, how to choose candles, what to do in case of certain faults, see the respective manuals and instructions. About the little things, facilitate the daily care of the motorist, they write, unfortunately, is not enough. The purpose of this publication is to some extent fill this gap.

Entering the garage
Much trouble to a novice motorist delivers at first check-in a darkened room of the garage. Careless movement of the steering wheel or the gas pedal – and on the back of new car dents and scratches.
Reinforce the garage floor simple guides (Fig. 1), and the machine itself is worth a drive up to their front wheels, will stand the “course”. Guides can be two segments of a suitable channel or rails. At worst, a suit and a pair of wooden bars.
Thus, the direction of entry is provided. The next task is to stay in front of the rear wall of the garage. Some prefer to consolidate her two tires (Fig. 2) and to move as long as the bumper will not Balk at them. You can suggest a few ways that will help you to brake in time. Here is one of them (Fig. 3). The garage ceiling on a thin cord suspended from a small ball (like tennis). The point of its suspension is chosen so that the mooring ball touched the windshield. The moment of touch will be a signal to stop.
But in a dark room sometimes and the ball is difficult to discern. In such cases it is better to use an Electromechanical beacon (Fig. 4) is mounted on the rear of the garage with a light bulb that lights up when limit switch is tripped. Stock “limit” is associated with a telescopic spring-loaded probe, when you touch his bumper car closes an electrical circuit including a signal lamp. Possible option, shown in figure 5.
Well, if you used to put the car into the garage in reverse, it will help ordinary mirror (Fig. 6). To find the correct position just. Driving the car in its normal place and turn on the taillamps. Changing the tilt of the mirror, achieve such position that the light was visible through the rear view mirror. Next time, stopping in the garage, you press the brake pedal only when you in the eye “splash” of red or orange light the rear lights.
All these devices are concerned the garage with a gate located in a narrow part of it. But if, on the contrary, entry into a wide wall (Fig. 7)?
Very simple. Need only on the floor lay four rails of the rail weld and a moving flyover — a kind of trolley on four casters. The car enters extended from the garage the overpass, and then rolled sideways into the garage.
If you need to get under the car
To get under the car accounts for almost every driver. Still, the entire undercarriage, engine components, clutch and gear box are at the bottom. Some garages are equipped with a platform or a viewing hole, greatly facilitating this work. But what if they are not near?
Other drivers do, using a few wooden boards laid on two trestle. However, this way we would not advise you to use: the machine is located on an inclined plane can slide with her, and suddenly, and the wheels will fail.
Suggest to make a portable viewing overpass (Fig. 8), which are practically in any, even the closest garage. Material for it will serve as a cropping of channels. The device racks, and Assembly diagram shown in the figure.
Note each
In conclusion – a few little tricks.
Even the most stubborn nuts can resist the combination of a conventional socket wrench with a steel area and the handle of a shovel. How to position them relative to each other, as shown in figure 9.
If you have a car type “universal”, I suggest in the rear of the body secure the shelf (Fig. 10) of steel rod, braided nylon cord. On the second floor it is advisable to place things that are not always possible to position together with Luggage.
* * *
On the road, in a complex transport situation very much depends on the driver, from his mood. And it is in direct proportion to the degree of correctness of others, of what their behavior in critical situations.
Certainly, a warm feeling will make you glimpse for a moment the inscription (Fig. 11) on the light display ahead of your car (of course, if you’ve seen this overtaking and contributed to it!). If you want this way to thank fellow motorists, then I advise you to put on your car the same scoreboard.

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