AND LINOLEUM AND CARPETWithout a doubt, in any home the king of the floor — parquet. Today, however, such coverage for the majority — a problem. More accessible, of course, linoleum. It also has its advantages: cheap, diverse in color and pattern (there are even “under the flooring”), easy to clean. And lay it on their own. Put here the pictures tell you how to do it. You should only add two recommendations. Do not rush immediately to cut the purchased roll. First give him some fresh air on the balcony, and then roll in the room and let him rest up, to straighten. And again, I advise you to seal the cloth under the baseboards to keep at least a small amount of material — like fabrics after washing the linoleum over time, “sit”, shrinks.

Sequence of operations for laying linoleumThe sequence of operations for laying linoleum:Sequence of operations for laying linoleum
1. To marking the trim line coverage was equal can use, for example, a children’s cube: moving it along the wall and holding thereto the pen or marker, holding a straight line.
2. If the panel came to the corner with the excess, make a corresponding cut to the edge went on the walls smoothly, meeting exactly in the corner.
3. They do the same, avoiding the ledge.
4. Fit the cloth on all sides of the room, get rid of excess: holding the linoleum to the wall with a spatula, consistently cut them.
5. To provide a neat joint between two pieces of linoleum, attached to them overlap, then cut on the line through. Work here better Shoe cutter or a knife joint.
6. Cut strips overlap, to put aside, and pieces of linoleum connecting — joint will be almost invisible.
7. If the joint to put a band-aid, tape or fabric smeared with glue, the connection will be more reliable, will not break up.
The same operation is to be performed, if it is decided to lay a whole floor or carpet new modern floors — carpet.
1. Lay the cloth so that it went on the wall. It will be clear whether there is enough material on the entire floor.
2. The excess cut away with a small seam allowance under the baseboards.
3. Go around the ledge, carefully cut the covering so that it can be decomposed further.
4. After adjustment, cut off excess.
5. In the corner, make a crease to the cloth tightly to the walls.
6. Press the cover and carefully cut away the fold, locking the angle.
7. Then cut away the excess cloth so that it exactly repeated the contour of the floor.
Carpet, like some brands of linoleum, does not require gluing to the floor — enough to miss the edges under the baseboards.
According to the magazine “Practical, housholder” (England)

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