In houses with thin walls, window sills, as a rule, a narrow Board, on which fits is that of a matchbook. Therefore we have to build the colors of the shelves, stands and other fixtures or hang the boxes outside the window. Last awkward from a purely practical reasons: rainfall washed out the earth, and be-spattered window after rain.

But it is not necessary to abandon the idea to bring flowers for the window: because there is more light, which is especially important for some plants. Therefore I propose to combine the advantages of the greenhouse and side window flower box in one design to make a house-“lantern” for the flowers. Thanks to the continuous glazing it will not disrupt the normal insolation of the room. The more that post it should be on the Windows located on the South side: and the colors are better and the plants will protect the room from direct sunlight.
Before you start building the house, it is necessary to measure the window opening from the outside (dimensions “b” and “h”) and table to choose the desired dimensions In and N of the structure. Then you can begin making frames “light” and pieces of glass. RAM five: facade, base, two lateral and average. Each of them is going to own four bars, bonded in a quarter with glue and screws. The facade has an additional jumper for docking with an average frame, which serves as a stiffener design.
Before installing the base into the wall around the doorway, you need to mount steel pins with a length of 300 to 350 and a diameter of 6-8 mm, with thread on the end. The number of pins depends on the size of the design: for a little “light” enough for two on each side of the frame, for large — up to four. In the concrete and brick walls pins are fixed on a cement-sandy solution. If the walls are wooden, then there are several options of attaching the frame-base: on the through pins, clips or the usual large nails. The last most suitable for garden houses, as their window is usually small, hence the total weight of the structure will be negligible.
House of flowers
House colors:
1 — bar drain, 2 — box window, 3 — window frame, 4 — shelf glass, 5,10, 6 —Foundation frame, 7 — pin metal, 8 —wall 9 — bottom, 11 —bead, 12 glass, 13 — frame facade, the 14 — fold the upper (folding), 15 — nut 16 — pad rubber, 17 — sealing of glass flap, 18 — rubber gasket, 19 — retainer flap, a 20 — frame average.
Diagram of the Assembly house
Scheme of the Assembly house:
1 — bar drain, 2 — pad rubber 3 — fold the upper (hinged), 4 — nut, 5 — area 6 — Foundation frame, 7 — frame side, 8 — facade frame, 9 — frame medium, 10 — shelf glass, 11 — bottom 12 — bead.


Conveniently enough houses for flowers to mount with bolts and nuts. The advantage is that in winter, the entire structure can be removed from the wall.
After installation of the frame-base to it with corners are attached two lateral and a middle frame; the bottom is screwed the bottom sheet of plywood, particle Board or a few boards. Remains to install the front frame and hang (with hinges) top flap. She will serve as the roof of a house, therefore, should provide a measure of waterproofing. To this end, the bottom flap is glued along the perimeter with strips of rubber, and the glass is mounted on rubber pads or Hermetica. Since water may enter through a hinge joint, it is necessary to cover rubber patch which is secured a drain block with a metal plate. For closing a flap should be installed any clip (for example, as a conventional window).
Then — glazing external Windows and internal finishes. Glass inserts in selected quarters and fixed bead, as in conventional window frames. If necessary, can be installed inside an additional shelf, the best of thick glass, so it does not shade the plants below.
Overall dimensions (VHN) standard window frame
Dimensions (VHN) of the model window frames
Note: b and h respectively are the width and height of amiigo opening.
All wooden parts should proolifit and paint with enamel paint in the colour of the window frames to the cabin for the colors not stand out from the facade of the building.
This design is recommended for one – and two-storey houses in the countryside or houses in gardens, as it will disturb the aesthetics of high-rise buildings.

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