SIMPLE BANDSStrong, well-developed hands — the dream of all guys. The range of remedies that strengthen the hands, is huge. To hand firmly held a hockey stick, a tennis ranetka, easily controlled with paddle boats, use of tents; especially popular are the small, often improvised from a piece of dense rubber. However, this simple homemade sports has a significant drawback: the mini-shell can be either too soft or too hard. Worn in the pockets, a set of rubber washers of different hardness — a luxury.

We offer small expanders with adjustable stiffness. The load can be changed within wide limits.
The Barnaul P. Antonov, V. Kolosov and A. Kirin constructed expander, reminiscent of cropped pencil case (see picture). Load is determined by several metal plates 2, which are based on the support 3 embedded in the case-pencil box 1 with a lid 4. In the lid there is a slot pocket 6, which can be stowed unused metal plates. Inside the lid there is a ledge 5 which surrounds one or more of the plates under compression with the wrist housing and the cover. The latter can be made of any material: light metal, plastic, Micarta, textolite, wood. Sizes should be chosen so that the entire device can easily fit in your hand.
But the rubber bands proposed by the author of more than 30 inventions by Odessa N. Feshchenko. Their distinctive feature is simplicity not only in operation, but in workmanship. That piece of rubber could specify different loads, the author first made in the form of a ring and even stacked (one ring to the other like Russian nesting dolls). It would seem, couldn’t be easier. But… the adjustment of forces takes place with a jerk, and not fusible.
Fig. 1. Espander P. Antonov, V. Kolosov and A. Kirina
Fig. 1. Espander P. Antonov, V. Kolosov and A. Kirina:
1 — housing, 2 — elastic element is a metal plate, 3 — support, 4 — cover, 5-lug, 6 — slit-pocket.
Fig. 2. Expander N. Feshchenko
Fig. 2. Expander N. Feshchenko:
1 — rubber ring with a hole (2) the ellipsoidal shape, 3 — groove for fingers, 4 — ledges, 5 — grooved.

The expander (Fig. 2) that there is no shortage. In the elastic ring made of thick rubber to cut a hole ellipsoidal shape. On the outer surface of the ring are cut recesses for the fingers. So the ring does not slip in the hand, the outer surface should be given roughness. By the way, cutouts can and can not do, then the rough must be the entire ring.
Use the expander. Shell take a hand, the fingers of the hand are arranged in the cutouts and tighten the ring. The compression force is adjusted by position of fingers relative to the major and minor axes of the ellipsoidal holes. Smoothly intercepting the expander clockwise, it is possible to gradually change the load on the muscles.

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