AND SHINES, AND In a modern home interior can organically blend factory-made and homemade items of furniture or other products. In addition, several custom craft is able to change the appearance of the model apartment, to give it individuality, to create coziness and even to bring “warmth”. And these simple things can be both utilitarian (practical) and decorative purposes, or to combine both qualities at the same time.

An example of such a combination is present wall lamp-wall lamp that emits a “muffled” ravnomernye light.
Lamp manufacturer feasible for home handyman — the novice wood Carver.
The cost of the bras is small, because for its manufacture can be used, even waste material: waste birch (aspen, Linden) boards, trim white or galvanized sheet. Electrical fittings: bulb holders, fork, wire with switch — is certainly in store any homebrew.
A complete list of parts and materials for the light given in the specification. I note that the bottom and back walls have decorative boxes and light do not exist — they replace the metal plate reflector.
Since the operations for the manufacture of individual parts simple and do not require detailed explanations, will present them in the form of process maps — such as those that are made for workers.
The manufacture of the base (POS.1)
The making of a base (POS.1)
The fabrication of anterior and posterior straps (POS.2, POS.H)
Fabrication of anterior and posterior straps (POS.2, POS.H)
Manufacturer of ceiling (POS.4)
Making light (POS.4)
Fabrication of the deflector (POS.5)
The manufacture of the deflector (POS.5)
Front and side planks decorative boxes are connected at the butt at the right angle. The side edges of the front strap does not interfere holistic perception of the same pattern on different parts of their (rib) after Assembly must be rounded with a radius of 12 mm.
This lamp is made by hand, not only light, but can say, and warms, warms the soul.
1 —the Foundation (Board s12,480×115,2); 2—front plank (Board s12,140×50,2); 3—side plank (Board s12,128×50,4 pieces); 4—ceiling lamp (plexiglass s4, 450×170, 2); 5—reflector (sheet s1, 350×135, 2); 6—electroputere (2); 7—switch; 8—electronica; 9-cord (two-wire)

In conclusion, I want to remind novice craftsmen, that creating your own products you must respect the laws of composition: symmetry, and the unity of parts, repetition of elements, completeness of images. Equally important is the aesthetics of the subject of creativity, namely, the accuracy and thoroughness of finishing. Without these conditions one can hardly expect to create beautiful things, and especially highly artistic products.

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