AQUARIUM PICTUREDecorates the interior of any room wall aquarium, made in the form of pictures. In structure it resembles an aquarium-screen, but with a sloping front wall. Due to this, if the suspension on the wall and the corresponding registration is obtained “live” carotene. Another advantage: no need any stand, table or Cabinet, not zagromozhdaet the window sill. The it and fishes it is no secret that “screens” the water is poorly oxygenated, and in the film bordering the air the surface will be the same amount twice.

Made aquarium (see picture). from dural corners 25X25 mm. the Number and size of workpiece: 700 mm — 4 PCs., 210 mm, 120 mm, 495 mm and 500 mm — 2 PCs They are connected by rivets Ø 3 mm with countersunk head. To razzenkovyvajut rivet holes are required on the inner side of the frame. Forming a front four corners A, b, D, and the rear two corners C1, D1, are transferred to the connecting PLoS A1, B1. For that, you need to make two hinges from stainless steel sheet with a thickness of 2 mm. the Marking and the mounting of hinges similar to the layout of the angles A1, B1.
Four strips (width 20 mm) with a length of 650 mm, length 445 mm and 450 mm will need to adjust the level of machine with the inner side of the frame under the mounting glass. They are best made of a sheet of aluminum 2.5 mm thick or aluminium sheet of the same thickness. After RA]marks their drill along the axis of symmetry with a pitch of 100 mm, and then countersinks holes for rivets, is applied on the inner side of the frame and attached at the edges; the other hole is drilled together with the corners of the frame and also riveted.
The bottom of the aquarium size 120X690 mm is performed from a sheet, preferably stainless steel. It priklepyvayut to the bottom corners around the perimeter of the C, C1, D1, D. rivet Holes are drilled randomly in the place with a step not more than 100 mm.
The frame is sanded with a file and emery paper, removing the exposed portion of the rivets and sharp edges. Then putty and primed, and the internal part can not be processed.
Suspension scheme wall aquarium
The suspension system wall-mounted aquarium:
1 — stud (bolt), 2 — loop, 3 — nut, 4 — aquarium, 5 — pivot pin (bolt), 6 — filler (stucco).

The glass for the aquarium is taken of the type of display, thickness 6-8 mm. It is clipped in place: then the size of the glass will take into account the thickness of the frame and inaccuracies in its manufacture.
First prepare the front and two side Windows, stick them into place inside the frame. Then put the aquarium on the edge of the AU and fill in the inner side of the sealant: special mixture made from epoxy resin with filler. 100 g of an epoxy resin take 10— 15g cure La and dibutyl phthalate, giving the resin elasticity. The filler used aluminum powder: about 1.5 — 2 tablespoons. The entire mixture is thoroughly mixed and poured into the edge as on the inside of the aquarium. In this state, the aquarium is aged to complete the polymerization of the sealant. Be aware that the mixture should be prepared in parts, enough to fill, or the remnants also polimerizatsiya and become unfit for further use.
After curing of the sealant aquarium set on the edge BD and repeat the previous operation. When the front glass is ready, insert the back and pour sealant for ribs and А1С1 B1D1. The next step will be pouring the upper edge of the aquarium on the perimeter of A, A1, B1, V.
The frame of the aquarium
The frame of the aquarium:
1 — large horizontal ribs, 2 small upper, 3 — small bottom, 4 vertical, 5 — inclined.
After curing of the joints is necessary to fill the bottom with a solution of cement grade 400 with sand in the ratio 1:3. The thickness of the fill 15-20 mm. at the same time you can dream up and sculpt on the bottom of the aquarium, the caves, the ceramic pot for plants, caves. Cement to avoid cracks during the solidification should from time to time moisten with water until “setting”.
When the layer solidified, the aquarium must be well rinsed with warm water, and to check the seams to fill with water and leave for a day. When leakage water is poured out, the aquarium dry and repeat the fill defective areas with sealant.
The procedure for mounting the corners in a knot.
The order of attachment of parts in one Assembly.
What color to paint the frame largely depends on the color walls of your room.
When choosing a place for the suspension of the aquarium, follow the recommendations in books on aquarium fish. But we should not forget that it needs to perform the role of a picture and have the frame.

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