COMPETE ELECTROMODULELast summer I happened to be in one of the suburban pioneer camps. Freshly painted hull, the green of the grass and… a person! A bewildered look around. From somewhere far away I heard gambling and shouts, noise. The camp Olympics? Moving in that direction, I soon came to the paved area where usually held solemn ceremonies.

What is there to do! And children and adults form a circle, shouted something, someone cheered… But what is the circle? Making his way through the dense number of fans, I saw a small makeshift track, but it is graceful and swift, the sun shining on the cars.
When settled sporting passion, we chatted with the head of the circle of automodelisme. As it turned out, all of these micro cars the guys built only for half of the camp. Models can do and what you need: materials for making them the most popular, and the track for the competition can be any flat area with a diameter of 8-10 m.
As it turned out, the final designs of the guys was not. Not only design, but also the appearance of future micro cars invented by students. The only thing I had to consider when design — cord strap is one in all models, therefore the place of its attachment must ensure the quick removal And installation of the military strap on the case.
Fig. 1. Aeromobili with external power.
Fig. 1. Aeromobili with external power supply.

Fig. 2. The design of the Central pillar.
Fig. 2. The design of the b-pillar.
Fig. 3. Cord strap.
Fig. 3. Cord strap.
There have been attempts to make cars with Autonomous on-Board meals. But the battery does not fit into the simple body models, spoil their appearance and weigh down the design. And the voltage of these power sources though a little but different. Because of this starting appeared in unequal conditions. Therefore tried?! to make the forces of the circle of simple spindles with a rotating plate on which are mounted brush assemblies. Strap and the pipe, which impaled two copper rings, made of plastic. Inside the tube are two insulated electrical wires connected to the current source. It could be a car battery, a few flat batteries or a rectifier, which is in almost every summer camp. And connected to the switch wire is withdrawn through the upper end of the center pipe. This power system where the voltage to the motor is supplied by two wires-Kardam length of 3-5 m, has been successful.
What are the models themselves? You could, of course, to remove the drawings made cars, but… Why not give students the opportunity to try their hand at designing? And to guide quite a few pictures of the best models, the second you see on these pages. They are all made of construction plywood, birch sticks and cardboard. So, for example, is completely made of wood aeromobili, shown in figure 1 the second and the fifth. In the middle of the car with the body bent from a single piece of cardboard. It seems so complex, beautiful modern racing “car” is composed of three plywood plates, birch bar and strips of cardboard. For the youngest members in the club will approach the simplest “scooter”. A few scraps of wire connected soaked in glue BF-2 thread, form a rigid and lightweight frame. In General, even using such simple materials, you can come up with literally hundreds of various designs.
A few words about the details. Before him about those who belong to the chassis model. To keep the aircar to reach a maximum speed, pay particular attention to the ease of rotation of the wheels. However, they did not need to touch the frame or body. Axis the easiest way to make screws M3—M4 or smaller screws, furtively right into the bars of the frame. Don’t forget the washers, which are placed on the axis on both sides of each wheel. When finished the Assembly, check to right if going model without a cord strap if you push with your hand. Leaving aside eliminate, gently slacking off axis.
Fig. 4. Propilivanie grooves in the hub of the propeller at the blades.
Fig. 4. Propilivanie grooves in the hub of the propeller at the blades.

Fig. 5. The curved rod of the propeller.
Fig. 5. The curved rod of the propeller.
Fig. 6. The angles measured in the verification of the proper installation of cord strap.
Fig. 6. The angles measured in the verification of the proper installation of cord strap.
Wheels can be cut from plywood, kleiv then, instead of bearing the cut copper pipe. Fit those that included model aircraft kits.
External finish though and does not add to the speed of the aircar, but still gives it a finality and appeal. Yes, and Avtomobilist will feel respect for his work, picking up only self-painted, still smelling of varnish, the little micro-car.
For this job the most fitting, nitro and nitroenamels. You can also use oil. Just so very long they dry, though better cover the surface roughness of the body. Nice looking models, covered with transparent varnish. Several colored lines and numbers or letters that gives it the exterior complete perfection.
It remains to make the air screw. To do this, wet a strip of thin plywood or a stick of birch in hot water and then twist it. Dried preform will serve for the production of several sets of blades. The screw diameter and pitch (defined by the angle of the blades) the guys find themselves. The sleeve is cut from birch bar. Making a hole in it under the motor shaft, first find the diameter of the drill. The bushing should fit snugly on the shaft. Propilov it grooves, insert the blades. Work on the screw ends with the installation of wooden Coca and color of the whole site.
Before you experience the aircar, check whether you have found a place of fastening of cord strap. Here’s how: you need to hang the model for the bar and with the help of a plumb line to measure the angles α and β. The first must be equal to 90°, and the second 0°.
Having tested the model, you can take part in competitions. Hold them easy. On the judge’s signal the start turn on the engine. After waiting for the aircar will be two circles that are necessary to set the speed, the referee begins the measurement of time, which you will spend the model on the distance (10-12 laps). Radial hell conducted on the surface of the “track” will mark the start line-the finish line.
It is useful to pre-arrange a kind of poster assessment that will determine the best fabrication, the quality of external finishes or the most original model. It will be good if you guys will take part in the discussion of various designs and choosing the best cars.

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