BACKPACK How to make a backpack with your own hands? You’ll need durable fabric. Most suitable, fat nylon or avizent. From this material, the backpack will not be only durable but also waterproof. A few words about the color of the material. Of course, that first of all it depends on possibilities of purchasing the necessary fabric. But still, if you have a choice (by the way, quite often trim avisenta are on sale in shops “Make itself”) before buying, consider where you will use your backpack.


If the city or the mountains — take, without a doubt, bright, visible from afar colors — red, blue, yellow. If you often go to the forest for hunting, fishing or for mushrooms — much better not as “conspicuous” in the eyes of black, brown and green. Cutting of synthetic fabrics is performed by the sting of the heated electric soldering iron. When the edges of workpieces are melted off and subsequently “spilling”.


For the straps you need a nylon braid or webbing with a width of 20…25 mm Occurring the line is usually white. To use such is very impractical — even if such straps and look nice on the finished product, then only the first time, and then they are just dirty So it is advisable to paint them before final installation. Suitable aniline dyes black (neutral) or matching the main color of the backpack.
Accessories (buttons, buckles, and clasps) can be almost any — this is mainly determined by the range of products in the haberdashery shops. The only condition, if possible, you should purchase the “lightning” plastic with large teeth. And the color of the clasps of the type “Burr” easily change to a desired with the help of aniline dyes.
Another important note To load seemed easier, and the straps stretched “rope” and cut into the shoulders, they need to put a strip of thin foam, polyurethane foam or microporous rubber In a pinch you can use felt, but this option is much worse, as it much longer to dry and rot.
Work should start with making templates out of thick cardboard it is Necessary to consider that the dimensions in the figures are given without seam. Then arrange them on the material and cutting it with scissors or a soldering iron, depending on the base fabric Now, having a full set of blanks, you can begin to direct sewing.
Urban backpack
Urban backpack:
1—lnmk (avizent, 2 PCs.). 2 – handle (sling, 2 pieces), 3 – 12 front wall and back (avizent), 4 — valve pocket (avizent}, 5 — pocket (avizent), 6 — Planck (avizent, 2), 7 -clasp-“lightning” 8 – bokovin (avizent. 2 PCs). 9,11 — line. 10 — fitting plastic buckle (2 PCs), 13 — clasp “agrimony”

Fanny pack
Waist bag “banana”:
1,7— back (2 “lightning” is sewn only to a part 7), 2 — the bottom bracket (avizent), 3 — upper limit (avizent), 4 — clasp “lightning”. 5 — buckle belt, 6 – “lightning” pocket, 8 waist belt (sling), 9 – the top to the bottom of the bag (avizent) And – wings belt fill with foam.

The option of joint use of waist bag and backpack. A-connector
The option of joint use of waist bag and backpack. A-connector “lightning”.
1. Adding the details of the straps of the facial surfaces to each other and placing between them a sling, make a seam along the contour. One of the edges is not sewn — through this hole the strap is turned inside out and inserted the placeholder.
2. Sew a zipper to two strips. Such detail in the collection is called the top.
3. Sew the top two sides. The entire Assembly will be called the sidewall.
4 pocket, front wall and the flap sew the zipper (“agrimony”, button or “lightning”),
5. To the front surface of the front wall of the backpack pretrazivace pocket and the valve.
6. The sidewall is connected to the ring a few reliable seams she Then primitives, and then we used to the front wall With the need to ensure that the centre of the “zipper” coincided with the longitudinal axis of the backpack If you plan to use the backpack as a handbag, don’t forget at this stage to lay in the seam of a piece of webbing that serves as one of the handles.
7. Similarly, the sidewall connected with the back. At the top of the seam primatyvajutsja backpack straps, webbing handle, while its lower angles — loops of strong webbing with metal rings or locks, plastic buckles. Mate are sewn to the free ends of the straps and the backpack is ready.
A good addition to this design is the Fanny pack a”banana”. It can be used alone or in a complete Connection is made by means of detachable fasteners-zippers, one part of which is sewn to the top cover “banana”, and the second to the bottom of the backpack. The procedure of manufacturing belt bags is clear from predydushego of the description and drawings.

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